Friday, December 25, 2009

Infer vs Believe

About small window of understanding and logic
About gut feeling
About how western thought tells us to believe what you infer
About how eastern thought only believes by gut feeling or by belief on some other belief or believable person (which is also a belief)
About the two sides in the movie avatar

will write this one soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

20 questions... that's all

It has been ages since I have updated this space. It surely does not mean that I have not been thinking. In fact for the first time I am also actually acting (acting as in action not in movies), because lately I have started to believe in many thoughts like "Action cures fear", "To think you need a busy life not a leisure time".

Anyways my point is that actions have started eating into my time of documenting my thoughts.

On the mention of thoughts... Lets ask in the same way as Douglas Adams did "How many thoughts is a man comprised of?". Paraphrasing it simply , if you are asked think about something, anything in the next 5 seconds, how many different things can it be.

Initially I thought it was infinite. I am having second thoughts now. Why? Try this...
One of the most amazing things that I have stumbled across lately.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ambigram for Tryst

Tryst is the Technical festival of the best Technical Institute in India namely IIT Delhi. For the past few years, sadly, Tryst has not been performing to it name, worst being the last year, when Tryst was virtually non existent.

This year I wish that Tryst gets better, at least as good as Rendezvous (the cultural festival of IIT Delhi), because after all we are (at least are supposed to be) much better at technical events.

Anyways, cutting on chase, I have the following contribution for the revamp.

It reads tryst even when rotated

P.S.: sorry for the crappy video quality!

Monday, September 28, 2009

awesome stop animation

talking of animation, seen a film which

1. is the first 3D film[citation needed]
2. has the smallest name for an animated film ever.
3. is another one from Pixar
4. is as awesome as the others

"UP" wit, quality, adventure!

anyways enjoy this one for now..."people out there are really doing awesome things yaar" is what my mind says. Hope yours does too...

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My second speech

Here is my second speech at toastmasters. I must say it is the most constructive entertainment, and the best place to take your creativity out.

(I go onto the stage with 3 balls in hand and start juggling.While still juggling I start)Good afternoon , Ladies and Gentlemen. Why am I doing this? (then deliberately dropping the last ball, showing that I could have easily caught it) or this?

I can see a handful of reasons (I count 4 without using the middle finger).The first, the most obvious yet the most irrelevant is to show off my new talent. The second is in response to Manoj's evaluation to my ice breaker last week. He told me I kept my hands clasped and what better way to free them but to juggle.Speaking about ice breaker and slowly moving towards relevant reasons. I think it is a sound reasoning that if I could properly juggle balls on this sacred stage, juggling sentences while speaking would be easy. The fourth and the most relevant reason at least for today is that I want to convincingly prove to you that it is better to show than to tell.

For those who are wondering why I did not show my middle finger while counting. I have stopped showing that finger after some bad and violent incident in my life.

"Show not tell". Novelists and story writers have known this tool for long. That is why when you read a good novel , you can actually see a movie running in you head. As far as the speakers are concerned the closest thy have been to showing is power point presentation. And it is an irony that the novels really SHOW by using mere words, but majority of speakers end up TELLING when they use infinite bullets on the slide, which can be a great show medium. If you see the launch of Microsoft by Bill Gates and that of Macintosh by Steve Jobs, you will know the difference.In Gates' speech he lists all the technical things microsoft has without ever showing them. Steve jobs on the other hand launches apple on a dark stage with two follower spotlights. One on himself , another on a small computer on the other side of the stage. While Steve Jobs is speaking about mac, mac is actually doing stuff like talking writing letters etc.It is a must see for good speakers wannabees like everyone here.

I have several examples to share on this, but bounded by time I would be able to share only some. I also apologize for all my examples being a little related to acads, because that is what my life has revolved around till now.But rest assured this concept applies everywhere.

I love Physics and there is a problem book by a Russian named Irodov. It has problems tougher than any other book on Physics ever written. I tried to attempt a question from that book one fine evening. I tried the question for the whole evening, the night , even the next morning, and then truly frustrated went to our physics teacher whom we petnamed "Ninja". Every IITian knows about him. As soon as he heard my problem he did this.If this is the problem(arms stretched)you have to do this (and do that compression waala thing), take the problem to the elementary level, find the crux. Like other teachers, he could have just said look for the basics, find the root. But because he did that, everytime I face a problem and not only a physics problem,but any problem in life, a video showing him do this runs in my head. He made a direct impact on my memory.

Showing causes a direct impact on the memory of another person. Showing a weird and typical picture more so. Like doing this or this(Repeating the previous gestures). Just like I did today.I have without your consent, directly bonded with your memory. You cannot forget that a person actually juggled in a speech at toastmasters, and deliberately dropped the last ball, even when he could have easily catched it.You cannot forget it till death or Alzheimer's. May god forbid anything like that happening.
So isn't showing impressive?

So Show not Tell.I would like to make you drive this point home by giving you a last example. At Caltech university, 200 first year Physics students assembled in a classroom for their first lecture. Instead of a professor there was this huge metal ball,half the size of the one used for demolition, hanging at the precise centre of the class through a metal chain. Nobody knew why. Prof Feynman entered the class, silently held the ball and carried it to the board. Rested on the board,touched the ball to his nose and left it. It started to swing towards the back wall of the class. It swooshed by the students, barely touched the wall and came back again at tremendous speed towards feynman face. But when the ball reached Feynman it kissed his nose and went back. He said "This was to show that I believe in what I teach". It could have just said that, but by demonstrating via this silly , weird but typical experiment. He engraved his words forever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Juggling lessons

When majority of people hear the word 'juggling' , their thought process goes like this "wow! -> esoteric -> useless -> not for me". These are the normal people. For some , like me, the thought process goes like " wow!-> wow! -> wow! " and they are stuck with three balls in 2 hands.

I entered a trance as soon as I took hold of the balls for the first time. I could not complete a single cycle of three for the first 2 hours, but I never even looked at anything else. I feel both proud and stupid stating the above fact.

Anyways exactly after 5 minutes of this 2-hours span I was able to complete 30 throws and was already praising myself. Again I was both happy and sad. Sad because I came out of the trance. The challenge was over. I had already lost half the interest in juggling that I started with.

Now only incentive I had to keep juggling was to tell, show and perform in front of people (mostly wing-mates), to earn praise. Not that none of them were awed, but many of them praised me out of instinct of manners.

Over the years I have trained myself not to distinguish between genuine and non genuine eulogies and let them both please me. After all there is nothing more to lose for an ego maniac like me than, an opportunity to get a praise, lost.

So after going to each and every room in the wing (even knocking those doors which were locked), I tried to sell my performance in exchange of praises. I think I was a good salesman or maybe the prize was not much, but everybody bought it.

I came to my room all swell.I was sure that it is only praise that I live for. The mere act of starting to juggle was nothing but an opportunity seen to get praises. I was sure that this was the only reason. I knew it was a bad incentive to live by but I was happy because at least I thought I had myself all figured out now.

Everything was just falling into place when my friend Aditya came in my room, picked up the three balls on the table and casually started to juggle.Juggle as if he had been doing that for years. When asked, actually he had been.

We talked about juggling for a while both enthused,I more than him. Obviously the initial wow! had not faded out completely yet.

When he left with the balls (no need to laugh at the word balls , everytime and everywhere you read it), I looked at him and was surprised at myself, it was only after he had left that I started to feel a little jealous about him, for stealing my thunder. That, I thought later, only proved that I was human.

More interestingly, what I learnt though was that, for that brief moment of wow!, when I was really thinking about juggling, I had evaded jealously (obviously subconsciously... so I am not taking the credit for it).

And then it dawned upon me that it was not the expectation of praises that pulled me towards juggling, in the first place. It is this feeling which pulls me, the time when I am so focused that human tendencies don't engulf me.

That time span (generally small) is my temple.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I's breaker!

Convinced about power of the ability to communicate and an utter lack of it in me, I have joined a club named Toastmasters. This saturday I have to give my ice breaker speech, in which I need to talk about myself. Following is what I plan to say.

(I will go upto the dias and take out my mobile and start speaking)Nokia 6500. I met it exactly 22 years after I was born. It is heavier than its counterparts. It is rugged. It has had its hardships. It is unique. It is artistic and it is still technological. I love my phone . I connect with it! (pun intended) .

Good afternoon friends! I am Tejesh Kinariwala and it is a privilege for me to speak about myself generally. It is more than a privilege today, because you will not only let me speak but also listen to it ... and even go further to actually clap at the end. Any ways, one more thing I forgot to tell you about my phone was that it has a loud speaker (through which it speaks and sings), but a relatively quieter mic (through which it listens). But a really good camera.Also it is the only phone I know whose price has increased after I bought it. It means you need to stay with it for a while to know it better.

But I am not a mobile phone. There are three words in English which so perfectly describe me that when I , or for that matter even when my friends, heard for the first time, the image which came to their mind was mine. First word is Dilettante. A person who dabbles in many things without a professional interest in any. The second word is Gourmand. A connoisseur of food. Being from Nagpur , which is the precise centre of India, I enjoy north as much as south, east as much as west. The third word is Quixote. A person whose visions are too good to be true.

A description about me cannot be completed without mentioning my sleep, my family and my friends. My sleep which is never less than 9 hours, and hardly 1 or 2 of those 9 hours overlap with the time called night. My family in which 16 people stay under the same roof and the number goes upto 30 in summer vacations. My friends which I believe are actually defining me and taking decisions for me.

I am bad at planning, and even if I manage to do that, bad at sticking to it. I am hopeless at remembering names and even more in remembering dates. I am bad at keeping touch.I am bad at working on my weaknesses even after knowing them.

I admire creativity, beauty and perfection.

In future I would like to open an enterprise , in the like of Amul. Not the product but the funda.

I would like my epitaph to read "He did his best in everything he tried. And he tried everything".

Friday, September 11, 2009

How the sewing machine actually works

Its beautiful. Intelligent and elegant at the same time. Like watching a dance.



This beautiful song is written by Sankalp Dayal ( aka chacha)  in first year. I have added some music to it (not so much a music as a tune). We planned to compose a good song. Sankalp did his part. As always, I was the spoilsport. Hope to post a link to the complete audio some day

Chahta hoon zindagi se milna par zindagi hai ke milna na chahe mujhse

Har dayre ki jeet pakadna chahta hoon main
par do mutthiyon mein thami hi na jaye

Aasman ko lena chahu aaghosh mein
Mar aasman hai ki simta na jaye mujhse

Badhta hi chala jaye..

Li hai aaj pawan se dekho nayi hod maine
Par zamee hai ki chodna na chahe mujhko

Khwaish insaa ko badalne ki rakhta hoon zahan mein
Par insaan hai ki sunana na chahe mujhko


Ansuni hi kiye jaye
Sudharna hi nahi chahe
Ubharna hi nahi chahe
Mujhko hi badale jaye...

main badalta chala jau
dar jau sikud jau
har kadam pe ladkhadau
kuch kam har din ho jau...

sau bahane main banau
khwab takna bisar jau
daldal mein ghusta jau
bheed mein hi gum ho jau...

Mujhko hi badale jaye...

What is intelligence anyway?

By Isaac Asimov
I know many of the readers of this blog will connect to it, as much as I do

What is intelligence, anyway? When I was in the army, I received the kind of aptitude test that all soldiers took and, against a normal of 100, scored 160. No one at the base had ever seen a figure like that, and for two hours they made a big fuss over me. (It didn't mean anything. The next day I was still a buck private with KP - kitchen police - as my highest duty.)

All my life I've been registering scores like that, so that I have the complacent feeling that I'm highly intelligent, and I expect other people to think so too. Actually, though, don't such scores simply mean that I am very good at answering the type of academic questions that are considered worthy of answers by people who make up the intelligence tests - people with intellectual bents similar to mine?

For instance, I had an auto-repair man once, who, on these intelligence tests, could not possibly have scored more than 80, by my estimate. I always took it for granted that I was far more intelligent than he was. Yet, when anything went wrong with my car I hastened to him with it, watched him anxiously as he explored its vitals, and listened to his pronouncements as though they were divine oracles - and he always fixed my car.

Well, then, suppose my auto-repair man devised questions for an intelligence test. Or suppose a carpenter did, or a farmer, or, indeed, almost anyone but an academician. By every one of those tests, I'd prove myself a moron, and I'd be a moron, too. In a world where I could not use my academic training and my verbal talents but had to do something intricate or hard, working with my hands, I would do poorly. My intelligence, then, is not absolute but is a function of the society I live in and of the fact that a small subsection of that society has managed to foist itself on the rest as an arbiter of such matters.

Consider my auto-repair man, again. He had a habit of telling me jokes whenever he saw me. One time he raised his head from under the automobile hood to say: "Doc, a deaf-and-mute guy went into a hardware store to ask for some nails. He put two fingers together on the counter and made hammering motions with the other hand. The clerk brought him a hammer. He shook his head and pointed to the two fingers he was hammering. The clerk brought him nails. He picked out the sizes he wanted, and left. Well, doc, the next guy who came in was a blind man. He wanted scissors. How do you suppose he asked for them?"

Indulgently, I lifted by right hand and made scissoring motions with my first two fingers. Whereupon my auto-repair man laughed raucously and said, "Why, you dumb jerk, He used his voice and asked for them." Then he said smugly, "I've been trying that on all my customers today." "Did you catch many?" I asked. "Quite a few," he said, "but I knew for sure I'd catch you." "Why is that?" I asked. "Because you're so goddamned educated, doc, I knew you couldn't be very smart."

And I have an uneasy feeling he had something there.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On proverbs, religion, princes, sine series and doctors (part 1)

The antithesis involved in "Too many cooks spoil the broth" yet "Many hands make the work light" have intrigued me since I first learnt them. So has also the existence of almost opposite religious beliefs.

Both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. I believe that both are right, because the prescibers believe that they are right. But I think they are wrong because they prove others wrong by the following argument.

I am right for sure (agreed).
He thinks exactly opposite of what I think (agreed)
and so he must be wrong for sure (naah!).

The whole thing is a logical trail followed by a presumption that the nature is defined by one rule. And what do we do when we arrive at a contradiction following a logical argument? We say that the presumption is wrong. So it is wrong to presume that there is one rule ,or religion,or proverb for life.

Let me jump into something totally unrelated (and it would be cool to show in the end that , they were related. Or did I already spoil the suspense! ). Heard about princes of Amber. It is an epic which is action pact for the first 5 parts and more philosophical/metaphysical for the last 5. Anyways I have not read it, and don't plan to in the near future. Varun told me about it, and luckily he told me the only thing which I would have considered as the gist (and would have written in the diary or something) , from the whole of the epic.
The set up of the story is itself very fascinating. There are two and only two real worlds : one of order and one of chaos. Our world is only a shadow of these two worlds. There are infinite such shadow worlds. Though the two poles are really really important, most of the action actually happens in the shadow world. The shadow worlds as you might have guessed , somewhere in between the two extremes. Then the story says that the two polar worlds are ruled by kings and it is the story of a prince of the ordered world who because of some reason is raised in the world of chaos and ...

Another irrelevant fact: Heard about sine curve? Of course you have! About sine series expansion? Anyways, sine function can be very elegantly expressed as an infinite summation of rational numbers. It is called a taylor series. Strictly speaking it is not addition always. It is alternating addition and subtraction.
Note that the beauty (as pointed out by Amrit ) is that even if there are infinite terms in the series, the overall sum oscillates so beautifully between the same values of -1 and 1 in exactly the same manner. As the value of x increases automatically the power of dominance is shifted to a different term. Every term is somehow responsible for the range of x , in which he is the most dominant.(With great power comes great responsibility) The terms each individually are fulfilling their responsibility with full sincerity, if they had not the sine curve would have been unstable and ...

(will continue in part 2)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Conform to Reform!

It is actually beautiful, as beautiful and incredible as how the million stars don't fall into one another even when gravity is the only force present. The fact that the society is still running 'smoothly', in spite of the presence of radically different people, that are a part of it, is incredible.

The magnitude of its awesomeness can be grasped better , if you realize that in every 200 years the society is virtually new (as a human can barely live up to a 100 years) , composed of no individual from the olden society. Yet the society is apparently the same. I know it changes. But come on, you still brush your teeth, take a bath, grow up, want to earn money, earn money, repent wanting to earn money, never repent earning money and do all the things that your father's father's father's father's father's father's father did.

So, anyways, my point is that society plays a crucial role in sustenance. And by society I mean the mass. The majority of the society, neither the geeks, nor the laggards, but the followers maintain this thread from past to future. They use traditions and rules,mantras and laws, books and speeches as a mechanism to pass the baton.

The crazy people , the iconoclasts, the rule breakers, the geniuses, the leaders, the fathers, the savants, the likes of Einstein, Buddha, Gandhi, Hitler etc. lie on the fringes of the society. They decide the directions, the new rules, the modern thoughts, basically the future of mankind (its thoughts, its actions, its soul).

As Einstein said , in different words though, that the geniuses of a particular time have to face resistance from the lesser minds. I am trying to change that picture a little by saying that the geniuses of a particular time tend to differ from conventional thought. They find the common thought no longer valid. They can't resist the temptation to propagate this new thought, this idea into the masses. They are destined to and so they will to carry the weight of the society in a new direction. They are bound to feel the weight , they are bound to feel the society pulling them down, they are bound to feel the resistance.

After setting the stage, let me come straight to the point of this essay. How does the society blindly follow these outliers? and still remain stable? Here comes another intelligent feature of the design of society.

The to be leader has to first learn to conform to the society's norms. Prove to the masses that he/she is capable of following the rules, rather mastering them. To prove to them that he/she is much more evolved than them, in the only language they understand. If he/she has to prove that he/she is on the right side of the fringes, that he/she is a visionary not a crazy fool, then he/she has to master their ways first. It is a threshold which Einstein, Nash, Gandhi, Buddha, even Hitler and others had to clear before they were accepted as leaders.

So in summary, society rather the payload also acts as a bare minimum benchmark for proving that a genius is on the right side. As the title says : "Conform to Reform"

Thinking from the genius' point of view. His inherent nature is to think different. So much so that he thinks different in all the fields he is exposed to. Now when he has to face the grueling hurdle of conformance, it actually helps him too. The rules stated to him are, though unwritten, crystal clear. 'You are allowed difference of only one opinion from the others. You have to conform to all the rest'. Considering the nature of the genius, he obviously thinks that more than one thing needs a change. So while crossing the sea of conformance, everything except that one thing gets dissolved. The great part is that even the genius is unaware about what it is going to be before this. So, it is only when he knows that the world knows. Then it is just a matter of time that the world takes the new course.

The crazy people on the other side of the fringe, sadly, never make past the conformance hurdle. All of their crazy ideas get dissolved in the sea!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How silly to ask!

Indians have long confused respect with "not doing disrespectful jobs"!
I don't want to bias this thought further by explaining it more. Moreover, I don't have any example in my life to support this strong statement strongly enough. But I want you to think about it for a moment, at least, and longer, if you will to.

An anecdote:

P4 batch (where batches ranged from P1 to P5 and then Q1 to Q5 each with a decreasing 'calibre') at Bansal Classes Kota. It was a maths class. The topic was 'Logarithms' (The first chapter). Teacher was Siddharth Premi. We were 'discussing' a tutorial sheet on log. It would be better if i write it like this

Tejesh(thinking to self) : I am from State board I know nothing as compared to these people from CBSE

SP: So any doubt in question 1?

(no reply)

Tejesh (thinking to self) : O god! please somebody ask the doubt in the second question. How dumb it would sound if I ask the first doubt. If to no one else, it would prove to me that I am no good for this stuff. Afterall I am from State Board. These people are from CBSE.

SP: So any doubt in question 4?

Tejesh (thinking to self or not anymore) : What about second?

SP: Did you ask something?

Tejesh: (Expressions showing ' Who I ? No way? The second question? Come on! who is that silly?)No sir!

SP: OK! any doubt from 5th to 10th?

Tejesh: (Shit!) Sir, tenth! Oh sorry! ninth, sir!

SP: Just convert the multiplication of logs into addition. Ok from 10th to 15th?

Tejesh: Sir...wait. I mean, Sir can you go a bit slower?

(At that point, I still remember, I stood up and everybody was staring at me...were they laughing at me? Or were they judging me? Or was it all in my head? I have played that thing a hundred times in my head but I can never be sure. I like to believe though, that they really where mocking me.)

Tejesh (settling down on his chair discouraged and pathetic) :(to the left side guy) Do you know how to solve the 8th one?

The left side guy: (irritated already): yeah! its simple!its only the 8th question.

SP: 19th is a bit tricky but if you have got 8th , 19th is just an extension.

Tejesh:(to the Left guy) Can you please show me your solution for 8th?

Left side guy(clearly irritated): No I have done it orally!

Tejesh: (to the LS guy): if its so simple just explain it to me quickly.

LS guy: why don't you ask sir ?(clearly sardonic)

Tejesh: (Already having done the same thing with another Left Side guy in the previous class, understood, thank god that he did , that nobody actually knew log. They were just afraid to confess it)
Sir, (confidently this time) except for 5th and 23rd I could not solve any question. Can you please help me solve them. I know it would be a lot of trouble for you but, I can't just let go of logarithms without understanding it. Can you explain all the questions?(sits down)

Tejesh: (stands up again)And yes, I am sure at least one person in the class must be having trouble in these two questions also, so why not discuss the complete sheet again.

SP: (not as surprised as Tejesh expected) In that case I will discuss the sheet now.All those who have doubts should sit, others may leave.

(In the sectional tests condusted next month , many people from P4 did well in Logarithms, even better than some P1 students. Thus they (including Tejesh) were promoted to P1)
In this incident I may (in fact i am sure that I) sound arrogant and blatantly boastful. But having thought over things that I have done in the 2 years of Kota that make me deserve my AIR. I can only think of this event. Everything else was just goodness of people around me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Few things make my hairs stand on end (like when A.R. Rehman goes slightly higher the lasttime, as compared to the other times , when he goes 'Vandeeeeeeeee Mataram' in his song "Maa tujhe salaam" ).

Few make my face blow like a balloon, as if I am trying to contain all the tears that are produced inside it, and then finally they start leaking through the orfices of the eyes.I cry like a baby (The last 3 minutes of Persuit of happyness)

Some make me laugh my stomach into a daylong pain while some titillate me and make me hug myself... yet this is something which I experienced for the first time.

A bit of everything. I understand the word 'Mesmerise' now!

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

What's in the words?

Is it only the words or is it something deeper that, when we refer to the time when British rule ended in India, we call it the time when "British Left India" ? But when Americans talk about the end of British rule in America. They say that it was when "We got independence" I am not saying that we don't use the words "We got independence " off and on, what i am saying is that America never uses "When British (or French for that matter) Left America".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Speeeeeeeed Reeeeeeeead!

They say the Process is more important than the Product. I take a particular case of this generic adage to say Preparation for entrance exams is more enriching than the actual college education. Particularly I have learnt more (academically) in the 2 years of Bansal (Kota) than in 4 years of IIT. And I don't know about IIMs or whether I would make into one sometime now, but I am sure that the preparation for CAT is enriching me.Here I share with you one of the things I am learning.

I, having read lots of novels in the past 5-6 years, thought that my reading speed was fairly good.
When I wanted to boost my morale, one day, I told myself why not find out how much actually my reading speed is? I did and shocked myself with mere 130 wpm (words per minute). To give a perspective an average reader has a speed of 250 words per minute (or did it say average American reader , but how does it matter). I was not and never will be satisfied with average. After all average means neither good nor bad. Being that means "changed nothing in your life".

I tried many things. For instance I tried and listened to my coaching centre TIME's English faculty (no comments on him!) , I started wearing spectacles, I even for once thought it was all useless and it surely was!

So ya ! I will spare you the history otherwise it will start sounding like those dubbed American adds which come on the television at night. "Pehle main aisa tha. Sab dost Mera mazaak udaate the..par jab se maine....Meri zindagi sudhar gayi hai..."

The tool :

3 tips:
  1. Don't regress : move back again to what you have already read
  2. Fixations (Eyercize helps you with it)
  3. Don't Subvocalize: and if you learn how to do it (i mean not do it) teach me. It is the most difficult and hence the most important part
All this works. It claims to improve your spped upto 1000 wpm. Think of it in this way . Even if it increases to 500 wpm , a person like me could read 4 times as many novels as I could otherwise. I could read 4 times the articles in the newspaper than I currently do in the same time or read the article 4 times faster.

There are competitions for this, and people read at above 1500 wpm there. The surprising part is the comprehension improves instead of reducing, as logically expected. The fastest known reader till date (I forgot his name) read at 2500wpm and his comprehension was so much that he could answer questions (proper nouns) about a biography which he had read only once an year ago.

The fundoo trick is : If you are currently at 240wpm (say) and want to go upto 350wpm(as a first step), try reading at 600 wpm on Eyecize for some time. After some time try reading at 300. It feels so much slower. Use it to your advantage!

The Eyercize bookmarklet feature is good too!

Feel free to ask in case I wasn't clear about anything. Work on this, I bet you will thank me later.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

About life universe and everything!

The appearance, algorithms, applications, competition, market, revenue earning methods, time to load etc. for the different search engines like Google, Bing and even Wolfram Alpha, may be different. But what unites them is their metaphysics. Try searching 'answer to life the universe and everything' in either one. Their calculators come forward with the answer "42" which, according to the original proposer, was a random number which came to his mind when he looked out of his window and he thought that it would be a good joke.

Douglas Adams says that there is nothing special about the number and that even if there is, he did not mean it that way. But this has not stopped people from coming up with theories. After all why only 42, why not anything else like 32!

I thought if there was really this game going on about making useless hypotheses, how can I not participate? After all, this is what I am good at!

So I jumped in.

42 is a decimal representation of the more fundamental binary number 101010. Surprised already! and got my point yet?

No! Let me explain in detail then. Everyone, even the ones who hate philosophy, thinks this theory at least once ; Life is full of ups and downs. If you are on an up you are sure to go down and vice versa . Now got my point?

If no, then forget this post for now . Understand ignorance is bliss and come back to this post once you have revised your basic trigonometry ( remember, the subject with things like sine curves and all).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Optical spiral!

Out of the many optical illusions I have had the honour to see through books, stumbleupon, mails, t-shirts and all the other places they have found home, I like this one the best for a single reason. The others cause a slight optical illusion, I mean if you know that the two circles are equal , or the crooked lines are really same...then you can easily convince yourself that they are.This one is different.

Try convincing yourself that the orange spirals are really not spirals but circles. Cannot do it right?Oof course you cannot because they are really spirals.

Anyways how about convincing yourself that the blue and the green spirals which you see, are actually of same colour! :)

Hint: After you have tried to look with one eye, two eyes, three eyes...printed it , inverted it...and done all sorts of things with it, try the colour picker in paint. Start>Accessories>paint>coloupicker!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Draw your mind

I found these class of software which help us draw our mind and present it effectively.
I must sayy they are not obviously what exactly they aim or boast to be, but surely are little helpful in the stated direction.
I used Edraw Mind map V4 and here is the first thing I started drawing.
I found them good for putting down possibilities.
They are also good for things like first draft of novels and projects and for time planning etc. etc.
So all in all a decent find.

Friday, July 24, 2009


These are some awesome digital art pieces made by my friend Murtuza Ali Hussainy. I am using his work as an advertisement poster, so that people visit my blog :)
Note: I did not make them, though I wished I did. And now I wish I could.

For those who are interested, Ali uses Bamboo fun as tablet and Artrage as his drawing software.
For seeing more of his awesomeness visit his blog here


Today Natthu's status message led me to another of google's fundoo easter eggs.
Try googling recursion!
or click here
No doubt they are God

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Its an irony that Deadlines are called Deadlines!
After all those are the times which attest that life is really present in the living.
Heard about the 80-20 rule?

That 80 % of the work is done by 20 % of the people
That 80% of the money is with 20 % of the people
That 80 % of the work is done in 20 % of the time allotted to it

I would like to edit a little

That 80 % of the work is done in the last (deadline kissing) 20 % part of the time allotted to it

Monday, July 13, 2009

The ' What if ? ' illusion

As humans, our mere ability to think 'What if?' makes us believe that we are in control. But do we really change things, do we affect the reality. If we do , to what degree? It is said that if a butterfly makes an extra flap of its wings, the reality can change so much so that after a decade a nonexistent cyclone can result.Is it really true? Even if it is, does the butterfly really have a control enough to make that extra flap? Is it really free will or an illusion of free will?

A very fascinating example is seen in first person games like Prince of Persia or God of wars and so on.The game makers try hard to give the gamers a feeling that they can do anything in that virtual world. The game programmers know very well though that they can program only a limited number of options. There cannot be more than a finite number of stimulus- response pairs that they would have programmed. Even then, while we play the game we feel that we are in complete control (at least that is the aim of a good gamemaker).

So, though we have choices at a micro micro level, we hardly have a holistic choice. Thus, in a game of Prince of Persia , if I count the total number of times I jumped in the game and compare it with a similar number for my friend, they may differ by say 20 jumps, but still the end result in the game is same namely, I will reach the final villain and kill him, so would he. What if this is true in the real world? The butterfly may think that its extra flap can cause a cyclone, but she has no idea how infinite other variables are always adjusting themselves to cause what is unchangeable, or rather inevitable in either good or bad way.

What I mean is if 20 of my friend's extra jumps , don't change the end of the game by even a pixel, what can we expect from the little butterfly flapping an extra wing !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lets start at the start!

This is an early post to direct you to a new story (slowly converting into a novel) which I have started writing. Hope you enjoy the start of the "start at the start" novel.
In fact the regular followers of my blog (who includes me and only me for now) would have realized that this is somewhat like the older post I wrote. I would say to them "Thank you very much for following the blog so intently and yes you are right. That is were this all started".
For others, this is the link to the old post the older post .

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knowledge Spiral

About 5 years ago I read an article by some guy who used to write in the NY times, science column. I don't remember the guy's name or the exact story, I only remember what matters. It is the crux. Here I rewrite the story from what I remember (and of course add some of my style)

One day I was sitting in my study trying hard to come up with an idea to
write an article on. I knew it had to be on Fermat's theorem. This theorem was
so very peculiar because, it was found written in the small top-left margin of
his notebook. without a proof, without any preceding thought.It was written as a
matter of fact.Great mathematicians have since tried their lives out in proving
the theorem or maybe disproving it, without success.

Maybe I was trying too hard, or maybe i was disillusioned by exhaustion, but i saw a shiny warp in my garden , just outside the window. I could not resist so i went near it and before i knew through it, and literally before i knew, i came out of it, knowing not what just happened. I looked in front of me and saw an old house.I had learnt owing
to my last article in the paper on medieval architecture that this house was about 400 years old.I entered the house, to find out more. ya i am inquisitive,
if you haven't figured out yet.

Inside the house, it was creepy, as if no one lived there. For once i believed that i did not actually time travel but teleported just to a wrecked abandoned house. Then i saw an almost balding man sitting on his table dozing off into his thoughts.I could not see his face because he had covered it with his fingers. After another 5 minutes, while I was debating whether to wake him up, he woke up with a sudden inhalation and started writing into his notebook.Then , when he was done, he looked at me, and was
surprised, not because i wore clothes of another generation but because, he saw
a man in his house.Immediately I recognized that he was the great Pierre de
Fermat. After the initial hello-how are yous and other mechanisms for
ice-breaking, we started talking.We mixed up well because we shared a interest -

After only one hour he showed me his notebook with the recent
thought he had come up with . I read it and knew that I had read it before
college. Then I remembered about how fun it would be to ask Mr. Fermat how he
came up with the idea of the Fermat's principle.So I asked him. He did not know
what principle I was talking about because obviously it was named that after he
died. So I explained him that the principle told that x to the power n plus y to
the power n is equal to z to the power n for integer values of x,y and z was
never possible for any value of n greater than 2.He looked interested and after
a moment, took the notebook from me and wrote it down in the margin of his

After that I had coffee, meal, talked more, exchanged goodbyes,
entered the warp in his garden , exited out of my garden's warp, reached my
study and wrote this article.I wanted a punchline to end the article so I wrote:
"If I learnt the Fermat's principle from the notebook's margin which was written
because I told it to Mr. Fermat. Where did the principle come from? I mean who
thought about it?"

The most common and the most skeptical explanation to this paradox till now is Time travel is not possible.

The second most common but most elegant explanation to this paradox till now is (as pointed out by Shamukh in the comments) the theory of parallel universe. It goes as follows.

The action of my telling the theorem to ermat just broke me out of the original universe into a parallel universe, in which Fermat did not come up with the thought.The source of the thought is in another universe altogether ( the original one).

Anyways I wanted to come up with another explanation. It starts with how western thought considers time as linear from big bang to big crunch, from zero to infinity. On the other hand the eastern thought has always been cyclic.. Like birth , life, death, something here, rebirth..and the cycle continues.

So there can be a circular interpretation to this. In fact what I am proposing is there is never a single point from where the idea is generated. Never Eureka. Any idea is always ivolving.

To explain it better lets go back to fermat's theorem. When I first learnt about the theorem. The theorem was not exactly for me what it was for Fermat. He had his interpretation based on his environment and his resevoir of thought. I on the other hand perceive the theorem from my point of view. So though there is similarity, the fermat's theorem is quite different for me then it was for Mr. Fermat.

Now going into recent past (400 years) and telling him the theorem may be weird because of any of the above reasons. I am hypothesising , consider a time loop of thousands of years.It is impossible for us ,'using logic', to extrapolate what would be the environment for Fermat's theorem then.Maybe someone would come up with a very simple to understand proof of the theorem. maybe it will then become a theorem which is as obvious as say 2+2 makes 4. Then people would forget , rather stop bothering about the proof. then in thousand years when several such theorems and principles have been discovered, Fermat's theorem would die.Not completely though. It will always remain as part of some or the other process it had caused .Now when the jumbo time cycle starts to repeat again. It will reach a point of Fermat sitting on his desk and thinking. While his mind is going on full throttle, maybe some remaining ansh (a part) of the theorem comes to his mind. When he adds his perspective to it, it is again reborn as the Fermat's principle.

This is the very basic idea of what I am thinking. I will think about it more and write it down later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Rage + Kaup beach =

This is made as a word of appreciation to Jatin for arranging all the superb trips in Bangalore

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A wonderful ambigram I found on the net!

Awesome awesome!

Note I did not make it, but i wish i did!

I will make a better looking version of it though.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My friend Torka and I have started writing a tandem novel.Basically we write one chapter each alternately,without ever discussing the story outside the blog.
Do check it at
and whether you like it or not please comment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


These are the links to my other two blogs.They have a collection of charcoal paintings made by students of IIT Delhi

First year and Second Year

Jai Batti

An ambigram design for our dear Batti.
Hope to wear a t shirt with this design

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The following are the answers that I wrote for the Ted fellowship form. I write them here because they provided me with wonderful insight

Tell us about yourself
We take this portion of the application very seriously. Please take the time to answer the questions thoughtfully, with enough detail to help us understand who you are.

All responses are limited to 1500 characters except where noted.
If a friend were to describe your accomplishments in up to three sentences, what would he or she say? *
Tejesh, who has got dozens of different pet names owing to his social circles, has his biggest achievement as cracking IIT JEE which is the world's toughest entrance exam. He cracked it big time by being 147th out of 3 hundred thousand people that appeared. He has a powerful analytical mind, which is evident from his affinity to solving puzzles and his ability to think freely.He has an addiction for outings and knows the mountains and forests of India alike.

What other achievements (not only academic) would you like to share? *
I was selected among the top 50 students in India to represent India in International Physics Olympiad.
I have been ranked 15th in India for Rubik's cube speedsolving by WCA ( World Cube Association).
But still what I pride most about myself is the still unrecognized talent in me to think freely.

Beyond your work and studies, what are you passionate about? (hobbies, causes, activities, issues…) *
I must say, till today my aim of life , implicitly, has always been to understand the nature of nature. I feel my hobbies like solving puzzles, reading books like Shreemad Bhagwat, watching movies like Matrix, Fountain, and my love for Physics are all connected to the urge of knowing "What is this all about? ". In fact, my affinity to Ted is because I feel a presence of a similar element in most of the Ted talks.
Trekking on the mountains and in the forests, on the beaches and in the cities, is what i adore. it has found me in a military discipline for students group I joined when I was young

Share an example of something you have been a part of (including created, led, or joined) that you consider unique, even if no one else does. Why do you think it is mould breaking? (Limit 2250 characters) *
In spite of the many society recognized teams I have been a part of, the most important one is the most subtle and hence the most understated group. This group which moulded me into what I am is my family. I consider my family unique, because today when I see in the world that even two married people find it taxing to stay together, we are 16 members living together happily. Though the western reviewers of this answer may find it sissy to be living with parents, I feel this is the soul of India and our family has preserved it.This coupled with my excellence in the western art of logic has given me a unique altar to look at the world.

What questions should we have asked, but didn't? Please write them down and answer them! (in other words, tell us something about yourself that we don't know yet). (Limit 2250 characters) *
I think the question which makes a person transparent is "What he thinks about GOD?".This may sound personalized and biased, but then it has to be both of this to properly understand the person.
If I was to answer this question, I would say that I have a tremendous faith in rationality and logic, because that is the tool designed for human mind to think. But then just because I believe in logic, I don't consider anything that cannot be explained by it as wrong, especially when I have experienced that the amount of serendipity in my life has been much more than it is probabilistically possible. Though I don't believe in religion , I believe that it is necessary for the masses, exactly in the same way as I don't believe in eating non-vegetarian food but then I believe that it is necessary for the masses that some people do eat it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Indi trips

  1. My friends Jatin and Nishant are planning to start a webbased enterprise called "Indi trips".
  2. I have plenty leisure time here in Bangalore.
  3. I downloaded a cool software called ArtRage (though stil trial version)

All these combined ; here are some logos I designed for them or rather myself. I have thoroughly confused them, I bet, so the logos are of no use to them anymore.

by the way their site is at

An ambigram of IndiTrips:

So simple but ,I think elegant and rich:

Using the Art rage for the first time:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Did they really land on the moon?

An idea for a poem

There is a tree which has survived the hot summers for months.
For the initial months it survived because it thought that is what it was supposed to do.
Then he started questioning why is it trying so hard to survive.
Then when it is about to give up hope it is told that if it survives till the end the universe or God will tell it why.
So at the end where it just makes it, he is answered with a lot of wind and a sudden but abundant rainfall.
Now it again doesn't know what it is supposed to do because again if it gives up the the wind will bring it down in spite of the rain , but if it wishes to survive the wind does not stand a chance before the rain and its will. So what should it do?

1. the decision is left to the reader.
2. initially the poem starts with it but then when the tree develops some human thinking it is addressed with he. Or maybe i can be creative enough use "he" where it thinks rationally and "she" while it thinks emotionally.


Patience! nothing else...just patience!

wait for the grand finale...charlie chaplin on an _____. i bet you can't even imagine!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


chacha sent this awesome video today. Must watch for all engineers and their mothers.

Friday, May 1, 2009

superb presentation

came across this awesome presentation style...loved it will use it one day!
the pace, the innovation at every step,the simplicity, the beats utilization...pure awesomeness!
did not really get a chance to appreciate the girl effect though..was so engrossed in the presentation!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So if written for me

i stumbled upon this.this text pricks me enough to make me want to do something about it:
Those who assume (often unconsciously) that it is impossible to achieve their life's desires-and, thus, that it is futile to fight for themselves--usually end up fighting for an ideal or cause instead. They may appear to engage in self-directed activity, but in reality they have accepted alienation from their desires as a way of life. All subjugations of personal desires to the dictates of a cause or ideology are reactionary no matter how "revolutionary" the actions arising from such subjugations may appear.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

condensed wisdom ... will remain with me forever, after today


by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

this is what happens when...

you have a broken mirror and book shelf and much more time at hand than required to just get it repaired...
ya you actually just let it be

This has nothing to do with the mirror but, with the following man..i so love him i call him Tuddi

Just see his effort: my Tuddi man is able to ...

support a thriddi (i mean 3D) bookshelf by sheer will

ya this is the mirror i was talking about !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Structure A Day

12th February:


by me

11th February:


by Aditya Pant

10th February:


by Aditya Pant

9th February:


by me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It would be better, I suppose

On the contrary, I reason
it ought to be like that,
I remind ; what I forget,
- as opposed to what?

Doesn't matter, does it?
when the grass there is green
And here it never tidies
as much as you clean.

Immaculate is possible
but never at home,
then we wonder why winds blow,
why from here they go.

the reason for travel
is a yearning for some
it would be better, I suppose
if we roam without care.

"It would be better , I suppose"
-the reason for dissatisfaction,
for improvement, for jealousy,
for comparision, for our action.

8th february 2009
IIT Delhi

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

does faith have economic value

Frankly, I don't understand recession. The irony is that nobody really does (at least in my vicinity) but everybody talks about it. Like Feynman said
On the contrary, it's because someone knows something about it that we can't talk about physics. It's the things that nobody knows about that we can discuss. We can talk about the weather; we can talk about social problems; we can talk about psychology; we can talk about international finance... so it's the subject that nobody knows anything about that we can all talk about!

Anyways, here is one of my economic meanderings. Nothing related to recession though or maybe.(I don't understand money enough to even say whether this is related)

I go to a snacks-shop (where I go regularly).Eat at whatever I like and then I realize that I have forgotten my wallet. One option now is to look around and see if there is some friend who can lend me some money. Another way should be what if I promise the shopkeeper to pay him later. Kind of like the first option. Borrowing on faith. "Tomorrow I will give you 10% extra but today I have none." So it is like an unsecured loan .
Now, is it a proper trade to exchange money for faith.Now you ask where is the exchange? I reason - in fact there are two transactions here where faith is traded.

I will try to put it here as a table.

transaction 1: I take food(of value X) I give faith(value?!)
transaction 2: I take my faith back I give (X + Y) money

So basically, I pay X for the food. What do I pay Y for?

Lets see this from the shopkeepers point of view -
Suppose he believes that the chances that you will turn up tomorrow with the money (X) plus the extra money (Y) is 1/10. Say, he has 10 such customers. Then he would say "No no, 10% is too less, I need at least 900% to make the trade fair". Fair enough you think. Because in the end he should have got say 10 times 10 = 100 rupees. But if only one person turns up he ought to have brought these 100 rupees (10 plus 90).

So far so good.

Now lets look from your point of view.
You think that it is likely that you will bring the money to him say 9 out of 10 such times if he allows you for only 10% extra. Because this will be fair.

So in the same situation if the shopkeeper believes you not to cheat, he will charge exactly the same price as what will be fair and what you are ready to pay. If out of doubt he charges more, he further decreases your chances to turn up.
So the best bet for him would be to assume that you would not cheat, or in the other extreme case to take some other action (like call the cops).

So, now I come to my point. Is it a correct trade to tell the shopkeeper, in case he has less faith in you, that you will pay him more than just 10% extra (say 50% extra) tomorrow. Of course it would be a gamble for the shopkeeper. He will accept the gamble on the basis of the following:

1. There is a value of faith (we can say p/10, where p is the number of times you will return in 10 such situations) which the shopkeeper has for you in his mind.
2. He knows that your chances of coming is also a function of percentage extra (Y).
3. So he maximizes his faith*returns.
Possible complication-
What if , the shopkeeper has more faith in us and thinks we will return much often than we intend to go?

This post is very VAGUE ! Ya, i know...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Multilayered EGO

I often, generally in moments of relaxation, have tried to learn about ego. My usual procedure for doing this is to think-a-thought about ego, any thought .Then as though someone up there, desperately wants me to think about it,I suddenly and surely get a second thought to jump onto and then its not too much time before I am really sinking in the process of learning about Ego. But thinking can not make you learn the whole concept, just like learning theory about, say operating a computer, cannot teach you to operate one. So, you need to take lessons from life, the rude way in which she teaches- by giving the test first. The thinking only helps to be aware about the oncoming test.
Every time I think something I fail to document it. So eventually it evaporates. So this time, here I am, writing what I feel is the crux of my last such thinking session. It started with—everybody has (an) Ego (whatever it may be).How do we know it? Because we associate a boundary inside which we call our SELF and we have a definite sense of our limits and so also of our outside. So ego is like a rubber balloon rather than an atom’s nucleus. It is the boundary that is the Ego. The feeling of having a centre about which this boundary must be, is a derived and secondary concept. Obviously it is not the postulate.
What seems interesting here is that our ego is not, only because we have definite limits of ourselves but because we have definite limits of others. We know that a certain man is 5ft 11inches (the physical limit of the form) and that he cannot jump beyond 3 metres (the physical limit on ability).So we move around having a picture of the world as many balloons here and there. For most of them we have names. Some are less important to have different names so we unite them under similar looking and call them by a specific group name.
This idea becomes more interesting and complicated when we find that not only these balloons are intersecting sometimes but that when we group other balloons we make another balloon containing all them. To make the point clear ,say I know a thousand human beings by first name and, for some of them, their boundaries are very clearly defined for me, because I know them better.For others this boundary is rather fuzzy. Now I form a big balloon and call it humans. This balloon contains people because they look like other members of the balloon and because they share common limits. Now if we suddenly see a man do something out of his limits, we either extend the balloon for humans to incorporate this achievement or we cast him aside and make another balloon for him.
Now the things get interesting when we place our own balloon with other balloons. For some balloons we define that we are in them, for some we decide we don’t want to be in them. Others we don’t mind. These definitions make our character, help us in deciding our actions and strengthen our sense of ego. So my point is, is only our own balloon our ego, or is the system of things in which we are placing ourselves also a part of our ego?
I consider myself as an identity and so I have an ego. But then again a group of people like me who happen to be born in the same place, belong first to a city, then to a state and then to a nation. Like the balloons in the balloons.
Now every city has its ego. The supporters in an intercity match of cricket or for that matter an inter-colony match, an international match, the wars, the inter company rivalries, the inter university sledging, the gang wars, the religious clashes trying to establish that my ideas are better than yours, that my limits are bigger than yours, that my balloon is bigger than yours, prove that even a group of people having similar limits or egos, have a common ego.
So going by the old picture of the ego as being the center of an identity, where do we place this ego of a nation? this ego of religion? So this is the new picture of a multilayered ego. That makes it easier to see and hence easier to get free from.
Thinking about getting free from Ego, will this multilayered ego be easier to escape from than the older one? Will it be difficult to get out of the well because we think that it is deeper now with all the layers over it, or will it be easier because we have made comfortable steps to get out of it, one step at a time, one layer at a time?
We are having these questions because we are still not ready to leave our older idea of the Ego. There is no one who needs to get out of the well. No one needs to climb the steps. When we understand what is written above, we realize that Ego is more like a multilayered onion. Start peeling the layers and we realize that at the end there is no onion.