Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knowledge Spiral

About 5 years ago I read an article by some guy who used to write in the NY times, science column. I don't remember the guy's name or the exact story, I only remember what matters. It is the crux. Here I rewrite the story from what I remember (and of course add some of my style)

One day I was sitting in my study trying hard to come up with an idea to
write an article on. I knew it had to be on Fermat's theorem. This theorem was
so very peculiar because, it was found written in the small top-left margin of
his notebook. without a proof, without any preceding thought.It was written as a
matter of fact.Great mathematicians have since tried their lives out in proving
the theorem or maybe disproving it, without success.

Maybe I was trying too hard, or maybe i was disillusioned by exhaustion, but i saw a shiny warp in my garden , just outside the window. I could not resist so i went near it and before i knew through it, and literally before i knew, i came out of it, knowing not what just happened. I looked in front of me and saw an old house.I had learnt owing
to my last article in the paper on medieval architecture that this house was about 400 years old.I entered the house, to find out more. ya i am inquisitive,
if you haven't figured out yet.

Inside the house, it was creepy, as if no one lived there. For once i believed that i did not actually time travel but teleported just to a wrecked abandoned house. Then i saw an almost balding man sitting on his table dozing off into his thoughts.I could not see his face because he had covered it with his fingers. After another 5 minutes, while I was debating whether to wake him up, he woke up with a sudden inhalation and started writing into his notebook.Then , when he was done, he looked at me, and was
surprised, not because i wore clothes of another generation but because, he saw
a man in his house.Immediately I recognized that he was the great Pierre de
Fermat. After the initial hello-how are yous and other mechanisms for
ice-breaking, we started talking.We mixed up well because we shared a interest -

After only one hour he showed me his notebook with the recent
thought he had come up with . I read it and knew that I had read it before ...in
college. Then I remembered about how fun it would be to ask Mr. Fermat how he
came up with the idea of the Fermat's principle.So I asked him. He did not know
what principle I was talking about because obviously it was named that after he
died. So I explained him that the principle told that x to the power n plus y to
the power n is equal to z to the power n for integer values of x,y and z was
never possible for any value of n greater than 2.He looked interested and after
a moment, took the notebook from me and wrote it down in the margin of his

After that I had coffee, meal, talked more, exchanged goodbyes,
entered the warp in his garden , exited out of my garden's warp, reached my
study and wrote this article.I wanted a punchline to end the article so I wrote:
"If I learnt the Fermat's principle from the notebook's margin which was written
because I told it to Mr. Fermat. Where did the principle come from? I mean who
thought about it?"

The most common and the most skeptical explanation to this paradox till now is Time travel is not possible.

The second most common but most elegant explanation to this paradox till now is (as pointed out by Shamukh in the comments) the theory of parallel universe. It goes as follows.

The action of my telling the theorem to ermat just broke me out of the original universe into a parallel universe, in which Fermat did not come up with the thought.The source of the thought is in another universe altogether ( the original one).

Anyways I wanted to come up with another explanation. It starts with how western thought considers time as linear from big bang to big crunch, from zero to infinity. On the other hand the eastern thought has always been cyclic.. Like birth , life, death, something here, rebirth..and the cycle continues.

So there can be a circular interpretation to this. In fact what I am proposing is there is never a single point from where the idea is generated. Never Eureka. Any idea is always ivolving.

To explain it better lets go back to fermat's theorem. When I first learnt about the theorem. The theorem was not exactly for me what it was for Fermat. He had his interpretation based on his environment and his resevoir of thought. I on the other hand perceive the theorem from my point of view. So though there is similarity, the fermat's theorem is quite different for me then it was for Mr. Fermat.

Now going into recent past (400 years) and telling him the theorem may be weird because of any of the above reasons. I am hypothesising , consider a time loop of thousands of years.It is impossible for us ,'using logic', to extrapolate what would be the environment for Fermat's theorem then.Maybe someone would come up with a very simple to understand proof of the theorem. maybe it will then become a theorem which is as obvious as say 2+2 makes 4. Then people would forget , rather stop bothering about the proof. then in thousand years when several such theorems and principles have been discovered, Fermat's theorem would die.Not completely though. It will always remain as part of some or the other process it had caused .Now when the jumbo time cycle starts to repeat again. It will reach a point of Fermat sitting on his desk and thinking. While his mind is going on full throttle, maybe some remaining ansh (a part) of the theorem comes to his mind. When he adds his perspective to it, it is again reborn as the Fermat's principle.

This is the very basic idea of what I am thinking. I will think about it more and write it down later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Rage + Kaup beach =

This is made as a word of appreciation to Jatin for arranging all the superb trips in Bangalore

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A wonderful ambigram I found on the net!

Awesome awesome!

Note I did not make it, but i wish i did!

I will make a better looking version of it though.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My friend Torka and I have started writing a tandem novel.Basically we write one chapter each alternately,without ever discussing the story outside the blog.
Do check it at http://www.chapters09.blogspot.com/
and whether you like it or not please comment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


These are the links to my other two blogs.They have a collection of charcoal paintings made by students of IIT Delhi

First year and Second Year

Jai Batti

An ambigram design for our dear Batti.
Hope to wear a t shirt with this design

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The following are the answers that I wrote for the Ted fellowship form. I write them here because they provided me with wonderful insight

Tell us about yourself
We take this portion of the application very seriously. Please take the time to answer the questions thoughtfully, with enough detail to help us understand who you are.

All responses are limited to 1500 characters except where noted.
If a friend were to describe your accomplishments in up to three sentences, what would he or she say? *
Tejesh, who has got dozens of different pet names owing to his social circles, has his biggest achievement as cracking IIT JEE which is the world's toughest entrance exam. He cracked it big time by being 147th out of 3 hundred thousand people that appeared. He has a powerful analytical mind, which is evident from his affinity to solving puzzles and his ability to think freely.He has an addiction for outings and knows the mountains and forests of India alike.

What other achievements (not only academic) would you like to share? *
I was selected among the top 50 students in India to represent India in International Physics Olympiad.
I have been ranked 15th in India for Rubik's cube speedsolving by WCA ( World Cube Association).
But still what I pride most about myself is the still unrecognized talent in me to think freely.

Beyond your work and studies, what are you passionate about? (hobbies, causes, activities, issues…) *
I must say, till today my aim of life , implicitly, has always been to understand the nature of nature. I feel my hobbies like solving puzzles, reading books like Shreemad Bhagwat, watching movies like Matrix, Fountain, and my love for Physics are all connected to the urge of knowing "What is this all about? ". In fact, my affinity to Ted is because I feel a presence of a similar element in most of the Ted talks.
Trekking on the mountains and in the forests, on the beaches and in the cities, is what i adore. it has found me in a military discipline for students group I joined when I was young

Share an example of something you have been a part of (including created, led, or joined) that you consider unique, even if no one else does. Why do you think it is mould breaking? (Limit 2250 characters) *
In spite of the many society recognized teams I have been a part of, the most important one is the most subtle and hence the most understated group. This group which moulded me into what I am is my family. I consider my family unique, because today when I see in the world that even two married people find it taxing to stay together, we are 16 members living together happily. Though the western reviewers of this answer may find it sissy to be living with parents, I feel this is the soul of India and our family has preserved it.This coupled with my excellence in the western art of logic has given me a unique altar to look at the world.

What questions should we have asked, but didn't? Please write them down and answer them! (in other words, tell us something about yourself that we don't know yet). (Limit 2250 characters) *
I think the question which makes a person transparent is "What he thinks about GOD?".This may sound personalized and biased, but then it has to be both of this to properly understand the person.
If I was to answer this question, I would say that I have a tremendous faith in rationality and logic, because that is the tool designed for human mind to think. But then just because I believe in logic, I don't consider anything that cannot be explained by it as wrong, especially when I have experienced that the amount of serendipity in my life has been much more than it is probabilistically possible. Though I don't believe in religion , I believe that it is necessary for the masses, exactly in the same way as I don't believe in eating non-vegetarian food but then I believe that it is necessary for the masses that some people do eat it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Indi trips

  1. My friends Jatin and Nishant are planning to start a webbased enterprise called "Indi trips".
  2. I have plenty leisure time here in Bangalore.
  3. I downloaded a cool software called ArtRage (though stil trial version)

All these combined ; here are some logos I designed for them or rather myself. I have thoroughly confused them, I bet, so the logos are of no use to them anymore.

by the way their site is at www.inditrips.com

An ambigram of IndiTrips:

So simple but ,I think elegant and rich:

Using the Art rage for the first time: