Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Infinite potential

I think that every human has infinite potential. But he/she is restricted by two things. Firstly by his beliefs and then by his imagination.
Thus whenever faced by two or more choices, choose the one that liberates rather than the one that binds.
It's like a decision tree. The more number of small decisions you take in the right direction the closer to realizing your infinite potential you become. Also the more liberated you are. That's the aim right ?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Zero Run

I ran past the crowd and ran,
In process, faster than I knew I can

There were twists and turns I liked to take,
but hurdles doubting if I'll ever make.

Then suddenly, one day, I am alone but best.
unthinking continuing the sprint sans rest

There I see again, the losers, I had left behind,
On shock, then reflection, its re-loop not rewind

I shiver on realization; the absence of aim is cold,
but the warmth of the view of this cycle is gold!