Friday, July 24, 2009


These are some awesome digital art pieces made by my friend Murtuza Ali Hussainy. I am using his work as an advertisement poster, so that people visit my blog :)
Note: I did not make them, though I wished I did. And now I wish I could.

For those who are interested, Ali uses Bamboo fun as tablet and Artrage as his drawing software.
For seeing more of his awesomeness visit his blog here


Today Natthu's status message led me to another of google's fundoo easter eggs.
Try googling recursion!
or click here
No doubt they are God

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Its an irony that Deadlines are called Deadlines!
After all those are the times which attest that life is really present in the living.
Heard about the 80-20 rule?

That 80 % of the work is done by 20 % of the people
That 80% of the money is with 20 % of the people
That 80 % of the work is done in 20 % of the time allotted to it

I would like to edit a little

That 80 % of the work is done in the last (deadline kissing) 20 % part of the time allotted to it

Monday, July 13, 2009

The ' What if ? ' illusion

As humans, our mere ability to think 'What if?' makes us believe that we are in control. But do we really change things, do we affect the reality. If we do , to what degree? It is said that if a butterfly makes an extra flap of its wings, the reality can change so much so that after a decade a nonexistent cyclone can result.Is it really true? Even if it is, does the butterfly really have a control enough to make that extra flap? Is it really free will or an illusion of free will?

A very fascinating example is seen in first person games like Prince of Persia or God of wars and so on.The game makers try hard to give the gamers a feeling that they can do anything in that virtual world. The game programmers know very well though that they can program only a limited number of options. There cannot be more than a finite number of stimulus- response pairs that they would have programmed. Even then, while we play the game we feel that we are in complete control (at least that is the aim of a good gamemaker).

So, though we have choices at a micro micro level, we hardly have a holistic choice. Thus, in a game of Prince of Persia , if I count the total number of times I jumped in the game and compare it with a similar number for my friend, they may differ by say 20 jumps, but still the end result in the game is same namely, I will reach the final villain and kill him, so would he. What if this is true in the real world? The butterfly may think that its extra flap can cause a cyclone, but she has no idea how infinite other variables are always adjusting themselves to cause what is unchangeable, or rather inevitable in either good or bad way.

What I mean is if 20 of my friend's extra jumps , don't change the end of the game by even a pixel, what can we expect from the little butterfly flapping an extra wing !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lets start at the start!

This is an early post to direct you to a new story (slowly converting into a novel) which I have started writing. Hope you enjoy the start of the "start at the start" novel.
In fact the regular followers of my blog (who includes me and only me for now) would have realized that this is somewhat like the older post I wrote. I would say to them "Thank you very much for following the blog so intently and yes you are right. That is were this all started".
For others, this is the link to the old post the older post .