Wednesday, February 24, 2010

finding frozenland

"Freezing Cold" is a hyperbole, but not at -12 degrees Celsius. Not when you are sitting besides fire and you see water inside a bisleri bottle freeze. For 11 of us "Freezing cold" would never mean the same as it did before our Doditaal trip.

We, namely Jatin, Ranka, Piyush, Kanki, Maddu, Shweta, MM, Amrit, Rishav, Bose and me, went through Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Nachiketa taal, Agoda ,Bebra, Maanjhi, Doditaal, Darwa pass and back on a trip of a lifetime in the last week of the year 2009, the year when we got our first jobs!

We achieved many a milestones during this trip. We trekked 65kms in 5 days. We survived on mere bread jam, maggi and rice. We crossed 4000 mtrs. mark and reached upto 4200. We made rendezvous with a frozen lake. We survived a temperature of -12 and the movie "Zabardast". We returned safely.

While we were on the trip, however, there were two questions which needed to be answered. Firstly, What all do we carry in our backpacks? We knew we would need food to feed us for the next 5 days , we knew we would need clothing to protect us from extreme cold, we knew we would need shelter from the cold nights. We realised why they are called the basic needs. We just could not take anything more. Because everything we took was to be carried by us. So the question was crucial: What do we carry in our backpacks?

When we had almost reached our destination, bargaining with our legs all the way,to take just few more steps, came in the second question. Can I go that last furlong? This question was made more important by a funny thing about the mountains. In the mountains, your destination can appear only a furlong further, so then you start walking and after half an hour you realise that your destination still appears a furlong further. So the question became more serious. Can I go that last furlong (which may be more than a furlong)?

We had our trip and were coming back when these two questions manifested themselves in a completely different way in my head. They appeared to me as the most important questions in our lives. We all are carrying our backpacks in life. The relations, the boundations, the norms are its contents. So, what should we carry in our backpack, on the journey of life? And also, in life, everyone of us have goals to attain. How can we be sure that these goals are achievable. How do we know that we are capable of going that last furlong in achieving our targets. Can I go that last furlong?

The trip was titled "finding frozenland" because we were focussed on finding things like frozen lakes, subzero temeratures, snowcovered mountains etc. No doubt we found those. But on this trip we found something much more than that. We 11 people found each other. Sure it was a journey on the mountains, but it was a journey through each other too. Each of us shared a part of his/her life with the others, which everyone enjoyed and would never forget. This journey through others, entangled the threads of our lives in a beautiful knot of friendship.

I got my questions answered:
What should we carry in our backpacks? Friends. Why? Because they make you go that last furlong!

The trip could have well been called "Finding Friendsland"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How terribly sad!

“How terribly sad it was that people are made in such a way that they get used to something as extraordinary as living.”
Jostein Garder, The Solitaire Mystery

Thursday, February 18, 2010

way to live your life

You have to find something in everything,
because you can't find everything in something!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thought killer's poem

This is something none other than me would completely understand, because they don't know the context. So I will give you a little context.

I am writing a story and in it there is drop in the river who is encouraged by other drops to keep flowing when he stops to think. The encouraging (rather threatening) poem by a drop named 'thought killer' goes like this

Flow away fellow flow,
flow not for friend or foe

No one's never known to nay,
The Nature's impeccable number
Would(/Won't) you want to wander where,
World's water's way's a wonder!

fellow flow: is how they greet each other in the water world
Nature' snumber : time

Now one day the drop decides to give up his boring routine and set of for a course that is opposite to his regular flow.He encounters the same thought killer and the same poem from his mouth. But this time he feels that the poem is encouraging him to leave the routine. The same poem doing exactly opposite things. His belief that ' you hear what you want to hear' is strengthened.