Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thought killer's poem

This is something none other than me would completely understand, because they don't know the context. So I will give you a little context.

I am writing a story and in it there is drop in the river who is encouraged by other drops to keep flowing when he stops to think. The encouraging (rather threatening) poem by a drop named 'thought killer' goes like this

Flow away fellow flow,
flow not for friend or foe

No one's never known to nay,
The Nature's impeccable number
Would(/Won't) you want to wander where,
World's water's way's a wonder!

fellow flow: is how they greet each other in the water world
Nature' snumber : time

Now one day the drop decides to give up his boring routine and set of for a course that is opposite to his regular flow.He encounters the same thought killer and the same poem from his mouth. But this time he feels that the poem is encouraging him to leave the routine. The same poem doing exactly opposite things. His belief that ' you hear what you want to hear' is strengthened.

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