Sunday, November 22, 2009

20 questions... that's all

It has been ages since I have updated this space. It surely does not mean that I have not been thinking. In fact for the first time I am also actually acting (acting as in action not in movies), because lately I have started to believe in many thoughts like "Action cures fear", "To think you need a busy life not a leisure time".

Anyways my point is that actions have started eating into my time of documenting my thoughts.

On the mention of thoughts... Lets ask in the same way as Douglas Adams did "How many thoughts is a man comprised of?". Paraphrasing it simply , if you are asked think about something, anything in the next 5 seconds, how many different things can it be.

Initially I thought it was infinite. I am having second thoughts now. Why? Try this...
One of the most amazing things that I have stumbled across lately.

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