Monday, July 6, 2009

Lets start at the start!

This is an early post to direct you to a new story (slowly converting into a novel) which I have started writing. Hope you enjoy the start of the "start at the start" novel.
In fact the regular followers of my blog (who includes me and only me for now) would have realized that this is somewhat like the older post I wrote. I would say to them "Thank you very much for following the blog so intently and yes you are right. That is were this all started".
For others, this is the link to the old post the older post .


Novacaine said...


Since you are writing it, it would be full of crazy ideas.

We need to move beyond something sleazy and derogatory - as FPS was... (clearly the context is that you both are IITians)

A science fiction is a good choice :)

tejesh kinariwala said...

oh i finally get teh comment!
FPS (five point someone)
Let me assure you ,
this is different in many ways.
First because, the intension is to structure my thoughts and make them readable, not write something that people already know and want to read more about.
But secondly, this would not sell that much.
If you want a comparision right at the start, i would say a mix of george orwell's Animal farm and yann martell's Life of pi.

Novacaine said...

Haha - thank god!

Woooo maybe I can edit it after you finish