Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a brief history... by a human cell...addressed to the fellow cells

Lets go back to a time when we were animals ,even more back when we were small unicellular organisms. At that time we were dispersed, not colonized, even the concept of a colony was not known to us.We were one, single entity. Our existence continued because of ourselves. Nobody helped us and we helped nobody. We traded with mother nature regularly. She gave us useful nutrients, we did some of her work. Many things we are doing today in this nation called the human body are what we learnt then. Like initially we did not even have the concept of an entity. So we defined what an entity is and then we defined borders. Just for fun, one day , one of our forefathers thought Say everything inside this membrane is me.Eventually we started developing a feeling, lets call it the EATY feeling (Everything outside is to be Attached To Yourself). We then learnt how to pass the outside particles inside our body. We were on fire in defining things on that day. And we did a good job. We take those definitions for granted now because we have also learnt how to stand on our forefathers' shoulders, rather they had learnt how to transfer their wisdom!

Anyways ,let us first complete the definition related to EATY feelings. Soon we realized that not all things that entered us helped us. I forgot to mention , while we were defining ,what exactly we were doing is , we were making choices and developing prejudices. What guided us then i don't know. In fact i even don't know what guides us now to make our decisions.Most of the times it was a feeling like the EATY feeling, they were many of them and we grouped them as gut feelings .Some even called it the instinct. an Lo! we also had the concept of a group emerging.

We were genius by then , even sharper then these modern times when we are united in one nation , one human body.Is it because we had a lot of free ground to explore on and in fact stand on at that time but now as we stand on shoulders of organisms standing on shoulders of other organisms and then it shoulders down infinitely..thus leaving a very less room to roam about in the top. Although the shoulders have given us quite a height , it has deprived us of the opportunity to look on some other place because now if someone has to play with the fundamentals, he will have to dive down eons and eons to finally reach the bottom where he will have to reinvent the EATY FEELING!
Or is it because now as we are united into one nation most of our concern is on maintaining the integrity of this body and we have jumped up on a level of abstraction where what is in the black box of human body hardly matters.

Okay! so coming back to the EATY feeling.So we were making choices , based on our feelings. In fact i think in those days we didn't even define choices. Choices only came to our notice later when the instincts of organisms living in a group started to clash.Oh! before that why did we start living in groups in the first place?I think what must have happened is this.Initially when born all the organisms were the same but because of some choice they made unknowingly they started to become different from one another and thus we started diversifying.Now sometimes what happened. One organism(say A) developed a better tool to EAT a product (say C) and somehow either he did not like it or he got bored by it or whatever he could not relish it any longer and luckily he found another organism B who could easily eat D but had the same problem. They found out fortunately that A likes D and B likes C so they , on mutual agreement exchanged what they had..thus began the barter system and we were one step closer to Symbiosis. Now Symbiosis is an advanced science.
Before going into Symbiosis, we developed concepts of functions , work, action. Some philosophers among us had thought of and had spread the idea that we were not here only to EAT. We were here for some higher purpose. We were here to grow and to bond better with one another.To address both these issues they also came up with an ingenious plan.They defined some fundamental processes like SHITTING (Selectively HavIng The Tasteless Inputs get Going), MOVING (Making Our enVIronment New aGain) etc. which till now each cell used to do by its own. as the same cell did all the work it did a shabby work in some departments .So , the philosophers suggested that those cells who are good in a certain department do all the work related to that department for all the cells and to manage so they had to live together.Everyone was pleased to find company and also to see a better quality of work being done.Slowly everyone started improvising and thus various structures of multicellular organisms developed.This was our first society, first group, first nation.
For a time it was good. Every nation shared any new improvement in structure or function with the other nations and so we all grew well as also we stayed together.
then one day , was it because of the scarcity of food or was it some feeling developing in one of the nations (now recognized as pride and ego), it caused one nation, a big one to EAT a small one (imagine eating the whole nation). It was a nightmare for the small nation , its structure collapsed and alas! we may never know what that nation could have accomplished , or what it had to offer in its near future.
Death till now for us was some cell accidentally getting bankrupt on its dealings with mother nature and thus collapsing on itself. Or in some cases if a brave cell kept its membrane closed even when he by accident caused some fatal, poisonous reaction inside itself.(those were the good times). But now when the small nation died,we knew what death was.It was a phenomenon by which the world was deprived of the scientific growth that the nation could have offered, if it had not succumbed.
This action proved the superior scientific advancement of the big nation (it could eat the whole nation , WOW!) . So some nations (mostly those who were afraid of the big nation), decided that the same structure as the big nation be copied everywhere, making all other structures a history. Few others debated that , such an action would inspire such killings and make it a habit. Whoever advanced a little would try to kill the others to prove its superiority.
This was and is the biggest debate of Nature and most of the other debates are mere reflections of this core debate.
This was a tough one because it demanded prioritization of the two basic purposes of life given by the great philosophers. They had to choose between to grow or to stay together.In order to grow killing sounded very good. In fact it promised a growth like no other It converted the fear of death into an incentive for innovation and improvisation, but it came at a cost. They could not stay together.
On the other hand, those who did not want the killing thought that living together with improvising so fast was a better option. Each one should innovate according to his abilities and each one will be given help according to his needs, said these.Both were correct both were wrong.
Today eons and eons have passes but this debate still remains unsettled..It was never and will never be settled.In fact there was a mythology from the atomic age which said that the living and the non living are also the party members of these 2 parties.
Living being the capitalists whereas the non living being the socialists.
Non living behaves and acts same for everyone and the living has all the prejudices.This tale shows that this debate was also ongoing in the times of atoms too (i.e. an age in which the atoms were also going through the same process of bonding and improvising)
At one extreme life was a zero sum game, same for everyone..on the other death was an incentive to improvise.
Eventually many varieties o nations were formed.Each improving and trying to eat a smaller nation and trying to defend itself from the stronger ones.Thus a chain , called the food chain was established.Some of these nations survived for many years while some became extinct in a short while.

Right from the time of unicellular phase we had developed a good habit of documenting our research and we always thought that it was the most important thing we had. It had the history of all ourwork.It was a database we could not afford to lose. So we had to preserve it. Again we came up with an ingenious plan. Why not store it inside our own bodies and also not in one ....later!

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