Friday, August 14, 2009

Draw your mind

I found these class of software which help us draw our mind and present it effectively.
I must sayy they are not obviously what exactly they aim or boast to be, but surely are little helpful in the stated direction.
I used Edraw Mind map V4 and here is the first thing I started drawing.
I found them good for putting down possibilities.
They are also good for things like first draft of novels and projects and for time planning etc. etc.
So all in all a decent find.


devendra said...

Its nice considering the various options it has.. However it follows a process of putting in intriguing keywords and simulataneously formatting. Would have been better if it would have allowed putting all the data first and then all the organizing.. May be this will be more useful for my presentation of data rather than thinking itself..
Onenote allows you to put in the datya 1st and then organize it..though it doesn have so many format think in onenote, format in edraw..that ll b a better solution

tejesh kinariwala said...

ya rightly said,
this is good to present your initial draft, but not that good for thinking aloud!

Ankit Mittal said...

Mind maps are the best thing that I have found in last few years, except my girlfriend.

PS: Try handmade ones, they offer far more possibilities.

tejesh kinariwala said...

I did not get what do you mean by hand made ones. Do you mean like drawing using pen on paper, by learning some techniques? Ya that would be worth a try!

Ankit Mittal said...

yes,paper and pens 3-4 colours...
i have tried many softwares for mindmaps including mindmanager which is considered the best one. But nothing gives flexibility like handmade ones. though it does take more time and more than one iteration to get it perfect.