Monday, May 4, 2009

An idea for a poem

There is a tree which has survived the hot summers for months.
For the initial months it survived because it thought that is what it was supposed to do.
Then he started questioning why is it trying so hard to survive.
Then when it is about to give up hope it is told that if it survives till the end the universe or God will tell it why.
So at the end where it just makes it, he is answered with a lot of wind and a sudden but abundant rainfall.
Now it again doesn't know what it is supposed to do because again if it gives up the the wind will bring it down in spite of the rain , but if it wishes to survive the wind does not stand a chance before the rain and its will. So what should it do?

1. the decision is left to the reader.
2. initially the poem starts with it but then when the tree develops some human thinking it is addressed with he. Or maybe i can be creative enough use "he" where it thinks rationally and "she" while it thinks emotionally.

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