Friday, September 11, 2009


This beautiful song is written by Sankalp Dayal ( aka chacha)  in first year. I have added some music to it (not so much a music as a tune). We planned to compose a good song. Sankalp did his part. As always, I was the spoilsport. Hope to post a link to the complete audio some day

Chahta hoon zindagi se milna par zindagi hai ke milna na chahe mujhse

Har dayre ki jeet pakadna chahta hoon main
par do mutthiyon mein thami hi na jaye

Aasman ko lena chahu aaghosh mein
Mar aasman hai ki simta na jaye mujhse

Badhta hi chala jaye..

Li hai aaj pawan se dekho nayi hod maine
Par zamee hai ki chodna na chahe mujhko

Khwaish insaa ko badalne ki rakhta hoon zahan mein
Par insaan hai ki sunana na chahe mujhko


Ansuni hi kiye jaye
Sudharna hi nahi chahe
Ubharna hi nahi chahe
Mujhko hi badale jaye...

main badalta chala jau
dar jau sikud jau
har kadam pe ladkhadau
kuch kam har din ho jau...

sau bahane main banau
khwab takna bisar jau
daldal mein ghusta jau
bheed mein hi gum ho jau...

Mujhko hi badale jaye...


surabhi kinariwala said...

i have heard the song with ur was awesome...u can try using instuments u hv learnt and record it on ur farewell...

Novacaine said...

Good suggestion. If only you can compose it; there would be hosts of opportunities to play it :D

tejesh kinariwala said...

i know but i need to compose it.
working on it.(for 3 years now). ope to finish it some day.(hopefully before farewell). Good suggestion surabhi.

Novacaine said...

Well Well Well - the composing part finally happened :)

tejesh kinariwala said...

Surabhi...awesome suggestion.played it on the farewell and everyone loved it...the only sad part wanted it to be a surprise of sankalp and he could not make it to the farewell :(
but keep giving me such suggestions!