Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How silly to ask!

Indians have long confused respect with "not doing disrespectful jobs"!
I don't want to bias this thought further by explaining it more. Moreover, I don't have any example in my life to support this strong statement strongly enough. But I want you to think about it for a moment, at least, and longer, if you will to.

An anecdote:

P4 batch (where batches ranged from P1 to P5 and then Q1 to Q5 each with a decreasing 'calibre') at Bansal Classes Kota. It was a maths class. The topic was 'Logarithms' (The first chapter). Teacher was Siddharth Premi. We were 'discussing' a tutorial sheet on log. It would be better if i write it like this

Tejesh(thinking to self) : I am from State board I know nothing as compared to these people from CBSE

SP: So any doubt in question 1?

(no reply)

Tejesh (thinking to self) : O god! please somebody ask the doubt in the second question. How dumb it would sound if I ask the first doubt. If to no one else, it would prove to me that I am no good for this stuff. Afterall I am from State Board. These people are from CBSE.

SP: So any doubt in question 4?

Tejesh (thinking to self or not anymore) : What about second?

SP: Did you ask something?

Tejesh: (Expressions showing ' Who I ? No way? The second question? Come on! who is that silly?)No sir!

SP: OK! any doubt from 5th to 10th?

Tejesh: (Shit!) Sir, tenth! Oh sorry! ninth, sir!

SP: Just convert the multiplication of logs into addition. Ok from 10th to 15th?

Tejesh: Sir...wait. I mean, Sir can you go a bit slower?

(At that point, I still remember, I stood up and everybody was staring at me...were they laughing at me? Or were they judging me? Or was it all in my head? I have played that thing a hundred times in my head but I can never be sure. I like to believe though, that they really where mocking me.)

Tejesh (settling down on his chair discouraged and pathetic) :(to the left side guy) Do you know how to solve the 8th one?

The left side guy: (irritated already): yeah! its simple!its only the 8th question.

SP: 19th is a bit tricky but if you have got 8th , 19th is just an extension.

Tejesh:(to the Left guy) Can you please show me your solution for 8th?

Left side guy(clearly irritated): No I have done it orally!

Tejesh: (to the LS guy): if its so simple just explain it to me quickly.

LS guy: why don't you ask sir ?(clearly sardonic)

Tejesh: (Already having done the same thing with another Left Side guy in the previous class, understood, thank god that he did , that nobody actually knew log. They were just afraid to confess it)
Sir, (confidently this time) except for 5th and 23rd I could not solve any question. Can you please help me solve them. I know it would be a lot of trouble for you but, I can't just let go of logarithms without understanding it. Can you explain all the questions?(sits down)

Tejesh: (stands up again)And yes, I am sure at least one person in the class must be having trouble in these two questions also, so why not discuss the complete sheet again.

SP: (not as surprised as Tejesh expected) In that case I will discuss the sheet now.All those who have doubts should sit, others may leave.

(In the sectional tests condusted next month , many people from P4 did well in Logarithms, even better than some P1 students. Thus they (including Tejesh) were promoted to P1)
In this incident I may (in fact i am sure that I) sound arrogant and blatantly boastful. But having thought over things that I have done in the 2 years of Kota that make me deserve my AIR. I can only think of this event. Everything else was just goodness of people around me.


Novacaine said...

Awesomest Entry. Don't tell me it was fiction; in case it was - it was Great.

Sankalp said...

Its always difficult to be a whistle blower and its rare to find one......i am really privileged to have you around me , the one of the rare breed!!! it shall always help me to learn.....and reach the P1 :)and all thanks to you!!

tejesh kinariwala said...

@ ranka: it is no fiction.
@ chacha: thanks for the 'padvi' you have given me. I know I don't deserve it (at least not yet) , but it feels good to hear

starsid said...

Awesome! Now I know how I found you :D

tejesh kinariwala said...

those who don't know
siddharth (aka startsid) is also one of the 'good people surrounding me' that I mentioned.
Thanks sid for following my blog

surabhi kinariwala said...

great incident..can be an inspiration to many..i just loved the way it is written....

tejesh kinariwala said...

thank you dear!