Monday, September 14, 2009

I's breaker!

Convinced about power of the ability to communicate and an utter lack of it in me, I have joined a club named Toastmasters. This saturday I have to give my ice breaker speech, in which I need to talk about myself. Following is what I plan to say.

(I will go upto the dias and take out my mobile and start speaking)Nokia 6500. I met it exactly 22 years after I was born. It is heavier than its counterparts. It is rugged. It has had its hardships. It is unique. It is artistic and it is still technological. I love my phone . I connect with it! (pun intended) .

Good afternoon friends! I am Tejesh Kinariwala and it is a privilege for me to speak about myself generally. It is more than a privilege today, because you will not only let me speak but also listen to it ... and even go further to actually clap at the end. Any ways, one more thing I forgot to tell you about my phone was that it has a loud speaker (through which it speaks and sings), but a relatively quieter mic (through which it listens). But a really good camera.Also it is the only phone I know whose price has increased after I bought it. It means you need to stay with it for a while to know it better.

But I am not a mobile phone. There are three words in English which so perfectly describe me that when I , or for that matter even when my friends, heard for the first time, the image which came to their mind was mine. First word is Dilettante. A person who dabbles in many things without a professional interest in any. The second word is Gourmand. A connoisseur of food. Being from Nagpur , which is the precise centre of India, I enjoy north as much as south, east as much as west. The third word is Quixote. A person whose visions are too good to be true.

A description about me cannot be completed without mentioning my sleep, my family and my friends. My sleep which is never less than 9 hours, and hardly 1 or 2 of those 9 hours overlap with the time called night. My family in which 16 people stay under the same roof and the number goes upto 30 in summer vacations. My friends which I believe are actually defining me and taking decisions for me.

I am bad at planning, and even if I manage to do that, bad at sticking to it. I am hopeless at remembering names and even more in remembering dates. I am bad at keeping touch.I am bad at working on my weaknesses even after knowing them.

I admire creativity, beauty and perfection.

In future I would like to open an enterprise , in the like of Amul. Not the product but the funda.

I would like my epitaph to read "He did his best in everything he tried. And he tried everything".


Murtuza Ali said...

Quixotic hona chahiye na?

Murtuza Ali said...

Also..loved your epitaph..
If only there was something new invented the very second u may actually be true!!

tejesh kinariwala said...

thanks ali!
as you can see you are among the very few that still read my blogs and actually comment.
Thank you for keeping my enthu up

Lotus said...

Tejesh! cool to reach & read your blog yaar.. well written & trust well said :) i happened to attend 3 sessions of Toastmasters in bangalore, wonderful that have joined it.. look forward to ur other speeches