Monday, August 17, 2009

Optical spiral!

Out of the many optical illusions I have had the honour to see through books, stumbleupon, mails, t-shirts and all the other places they have found home, I like this one the best for a single reason. The others cause a slight optical illusion, I mean if you know that the two circles are equal , or the crooked lines are really same...then you can easily convince yourself that they are.This one is different.

Try convincing yourself that the orange spirals are really not spirals but circles. Cannot do it right?Oof course you cannot because they are really spirals.

Anyways how about convincing yourself that the blue and the green spirals which you see, are actually of same colour! :)

Hint: After you have tried to look with one eye, two eyes, three eyes...printed it , inverted it...and done all sorts of things with it, try the colour picker in paint. Start>Accessories>paint>coloupicker!

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