Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arrogance and Confidence

Today we had a campus talk by Mr. Hari Kumar, a partner from Deloitte. He talked about various things but a few that left some food for thought were is arrogance good, goal in life and being yourself.

I would like to think aloud over the arrogance part over here.

We in India have been always taught how not to be boastful, how your work should speak for itself, how it is bad manners if not anything else to be self praising. The western culture ( inferred from the few people I have met, from many series that I have watched and the direction in which India is going in terms of human behaviour when they say westernization) on the other hand prescribes individuality, freedom and presentation. Sell yourself and be self reliant.

Where does self reliance come in? I think the arrogance and self reliance are related. I think by nature we humans are animals and hence all wish to be alpha males. Survival and other secondary factors have led us to become civilized and share costs and benefits with fellow humans. We naturally are aggressive and self contained but this need to stay together and compromise and sacrifice has made us pay this 'cost' of toning ourselves down on the arrogance quotient. So you are allowed to be arrogant as long as you add more value than you take away by being a boast.

Real example of Steve Jobs and fictional ones of House M.D. and Sherlock Holmes are relevant here.

Anyways, from this globe to what it means to me. Do I want to be arrogant or confident? There is a bad and a good connotation to them respectively right?

Like all things in life I feel that that it is a decision of where do I want to be in the bipolar continuum ranging from a self obsessed, boastful jerk to a too humble, spineless shy insect. Ok good enough foreplay for an awesome introspection session of this in my diary now ... :)

From the net somewhere:
Arrogance without humility is a recipe for high-concept irrelevance; humility without arrogance guarantees unending mediocrity. Figuring out how to be arrogant and humble at once... is the problem...

If you are your life's author

I am reading Steve Jobs biography and just yesterday night the last thought that came to my mind before I fell asleep while reading the book was " How would I like my biography to be written? What will be the significant chapters?"

Today, I looked watched this inspiring video and Amy starts by saying " If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?"


There must be at least a moment in life of each and every human being who has taken birth on this planet, when he feels the awe of coincidences. Generally the more intuitive a person is rather than rational the more he is fascinated by these strange phenomenon. Having said that even the most rational person must have experienced a tinge of "wow!" from coincidences after which his/ her left brain took over and justified everything to him and killed the goosebumps.

I also feel that coincidences are the most personal of experiences. Sometimes you do tell whoever you find nearby about how you experienced a coincidence but then as soon as you tell it you understand that you were unable to effect a similar wow in that person as you yourself did. I feel that our languages have not yet evolved to handle this transfer of wow yet. and so I feel that coincidences are also somethings which forms a part of those things in life which are lying inside the imaginary boundary that we draw around ourselves which we call "I". Anyways without going more abstract than i have already gone let me move to the idea for this post, rather some of the posts to follow.

I think that I have experienced and keep experiencing amazing yet subtle coincidences here and there. I don't do justice to them by just experiencing them in that moment and forgetting about them later. So I will post them here. simple.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On alignment

Finding passion is over talked and over glamorized. On hearing this larger than life success stories of finding your fate and passion makes this process look like that it requires an extra effort or going out of your way to achieve alignment.

i think finding passion is a very natural thing to do unless you put an effort in not letting yourself drift towards your alignment. The final state is a stable equilibrium and not an unstable one.

Its not like shaving, laundry or cleaning your room . Its like a clown Bop Bag.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God's sense of humour

Everyone has a different opinion on does God exists, but everyone seems to agree on one thing. If he does, God has to be Omnipresent. He has to be present everywhere. He has to be omniscient. He has to be all knowing and he has to be omnipotent. He has to be all powerful. Good afternoon toastmasters, today I will tell you what else God needs to have.

In 1998, two computer science students, told the world that they have made a search engine in which if you enter anything, it will answer in less than a second. No one believed them. Today we know they were not lying. Today there is no doubt that Google is God.

In 2000, on 1st April, they came up with another such product, which they called MindPlex. On that day, whoever opened saw a blue spiral rotating on the home page, the one like those in psychic's office. It claimed that all you needed to do was look at that spiral and just think about what you want to search and you will not need to type.

Of course they were joking!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Infinite potential

I think that every human has infinite potential. But he/she is restricted by two things. Firstly by his beliefs and then by his imagination.
Thus whenever faced by two or more choices, choose the one that liberates rather than the one that binds.
It's like a decision tree. The more number of small decisions you take in the right direction the closer to realizing your infinite potential you become. Also the more liberated you are. That's the aim right ?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Zero Run

I ran past the crowd and ran,
In process, faster than I knew I can

There were twists and turns I liked to take,
but hurdles doubting if I'll ever make.

Then suddenly, one day, I am alone but best.
unthinking continuing the sprint sans rest

There I see again, the losers, I had left behind,
On shock, then reflection, its re-loop not rewind

I shiver on realization; the absence of aim is cold,
but the warmth of the view of this cycle is gold!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Last day of internship

Had an amazing day today
Met mr. Mehul kinariwala who is surprisingly not a relative. Coincidently though he is an iim a alum in hong kong working for Goldman Sachs
Then spent the last evening int he city roamin around without direction
Took some videos Nd snaps
Ate full cup of Hagen daas cookies and cream for dinner
Started writing on this blog again. Want to make it a regular practice …

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hong kong diaries

Hackysack. 7 monitors. Synchrony. Millions. Billions. Vegetarian. Yogurt. Macdonnel do. Octopus card. Elevators. Shift f9. Bungee. First sip of alcohol. Gaussian copula. Apple. Tub. Hornbill. IFC 2 51 st floor. Honkie