Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There must be at least a moment in life of each and every human being who has taken birth on this planet, when he feels the awe of coincidences. Generally the more intuitive a person is rather than rational the more he is fascinated by these strange phenomenon. Having said that even the most rational person must have experienced a tinge of "wow!" from coincidences after which his/ her left brain took over and justified everything to him and killed the goosebumps.

I also feel that coincidences are the most personal of experiences. Sometimes you do tell whoever you find nearby about how you experienced a coincidence but then as soon as you tell it you understand that you were unable to effect a similar wow in that person as you yourself did. I feel that our languages have not yet evolved to handle this transfer of wow yet. and so I feel that coincidences are also somethings which forms a part of those things in life which are lying inside the imaginary boundary that we draw around ourselves which we call "I". Anyways without going more abstract than i have already gone let me move to the idea for this post, rather some of the posts to follow.

I think that I have experienced and keep experiencing amazing yet subtle coincidences here and there. I don't do justice to them by just experiencing them in that moment and forgetting about them later. So I will post them here. simple.

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