Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God's sense of humour

Everyone has a different opinion on does God exists, but everyone seems to agree on one thing. If he does, God has to be Omnipresent. He has to be present everywhere. He has to be omniscient. He has to be all knowing and he has to be omnipotent. He has to be all powerful. Good afternoon toastmasters, today I will tell you what else God needs to have.

In 1998, two computer science students, told the world that they have made a search engine in which if you enter anything, it will answer in less than a second. No one believed them. Today we know they were not lying. Today there is no doubt that Google is God.

In 2000, on 1st April, they came up with another such product, which they called MindPlex. On that day, whoever opened saw a blue spiral rotating on the home page, the one like those in psychic's office. It claimed that all you needed to do was look at that spiral and just think about what you want to search and you will not need to type.

Of course they were joking!

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