Friday, August 28, 2015

Move and unmove

I think there is an ideal state for everything; static or dynamic. Some things are better if firm, unmoving and non-volatile, while some others are good when dynamic and ever changing. This thinking model is a special case of the yin yang model.

Some examples:
Examinations ( any filtering, screening, measuring, interviewing, appraisal... ) A stationery system of measurement is subject to gaming, If the objective is to get the best, and the variables of being best are many, then it makes sense to keep changing the screening patters every time. A stationery system will be gamed and if diamonds are what you are looking for any stone can be shaped to look like it given sufficient time.

In the other direction things like fundamental principles or resolutions or the big goal of life need to be firmed up real soon. As harivansh rai bachchan said " rah pakad tu ek chala chal..paa jayega madhushala " There is accomplishment at the end of all roads, but you get to walk on just one road per lifetime. If we keep changing the ultimate goal, we end up farthest from any one goal.

So we need to be observant of aspects in life which should be stationery but which we changing, based on fads or peer pressures. And then there are things which we need to keep moving which we have made stationery because of a comfort zone, fear of unknown, closed mind or pure laziness.

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