Saturday, September 14, 2013

Manner and Substance

Am not going to say anything new, just jotting down my thoughts on this idea.

So I have been thinking that every thought has a life , just like any organism. It is born in the head of a person in the form of an idea. It only takes life if right kind of thoughts mix in a conducive environment. There is a limited nutrition that the brain can provide to thoughts and so many of them die very early on. some which survive and become strong, then grow out and use other parts of the brain and the human body as a whole to reach out to the world and grow beyond just one mind. They become strong enough to narrate the mandate of this brain henceforth and gain enough power to determine the state of the new thoughts being born later.

...So I have been thinking.

Now given the above idea there is a different direction in which I extend the analogy whenever i sit down to ponder. For instance today i was wondering while a thought/idea is being propagated through the population how important it is for the idea to be dressed properly to be accepted. Just like it is important for human beings to conform to the norms of manner in order to be accepted in a society.

This led me to consider two extreme cases. a thought with substance and no mannerism. A thought with mannerism and no substance. Both kinds exist in the real world and both survive. There are minds which accept thoughts with substance without the glamour and there are minds which accept thoughts without substance but just because they are interesting/ glamorous.

There is a "the hindu" for every "times of india". there is a blue for every pop song. there is a print ad for every academic paper. there is a gossip for every insightful epiphany.

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