Saturday, September 14, 2013

Manner and Substance

Am not going to say anything new, just jotting down my thoughts on this idea.

So I have been thinking that every thought has a life , just like any organism. It is born in the head of a person in the form of an idea. It only takes life if right kind of thoughts mix in a conducive environment. There is a limited nutrition that the brain can provide to thoughts and so many of them die very early on. some which survive and become strong, then grow out and use other parts of the brain and the human body as a whole to reach out to the world and grow beyond just one mind. They become strong enough to narrate the mandate of this brain henceforth and gain enough power to determine the state of the new thoughts being born later.

...So I have been thinking.

Now given the above idea there is a different direction in which I extend the analogy whenever i sit down to ponder. For instance today i was wondering while a thought/idea is being propagated through the population how important it is for the idea to be dressed properly to be accepted. Just like it is important for human beings to conform to the norms of manner in order to be accepted in a society.

This led me to consider two extreme cases. a thought with substance and no mannerism. A thought with mannerism and no substance. Both kinds exist in the real world and both survive. There are minds which accept thoughts with substance without the glamour and there are minds which accept thoughts without substance but just because they are interesting/ glamorous.

There is a "the hindu" for every "times of india". there is a blue for every pop song. there is a print ad for every academic paper. there is a gossip for every insightful epiphany.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Car latch idea

I have some ideas now and then which just die without making it to the i have decided to at least give them a chance of life by throwing it out to the cyberspace.

If by chance someone happens to land on this and get inspired or are already working on something similar. I would love to hear from you.

One of such ideas:

The roads when clogged have bumper to bumper traffic. in such a scenario even if the traffic if moving without a roadblock, there is a wave like nature that develops because of many degrees of freedom, one with each car. these lead to long periods of stalling then movement for a couple of feet and then stalling again for each of the cars. this then leads to inefficient usage of time and fuel.

more details here.

and here

so one suggestion is to latch a car onto one another. doing it mechanically is not feasible because in cities cars need to change course now and then as each one is going on a different route. so latching and de latching is difficult. but then it can be done by making the cars smarter.

An electronic latch.

So lets say the car's central electronic system has two sensors and communicators , one at the front and one at the back.
each car can communicate with the computer on the car in front and on the back.
lets say in the above video if all the cars had that facility.
now as soon as a stretch of road is encountered, these cars latch onto each other i.e. they all try to maintain the same distance between each other and thus travel at the same speed,  thus reducing the shockwave.,  each car knows what is the most efficient speed for itself. they communicate within themselves and an overall decision is reached about what the speed should be for the next stretch of road.
thus, they lock the speeds of different cars to a certain speed, which it can calculate on the go.
now this would be a loose lock in the sense there is a manual override if someone wants to stop or say turn. so the car delatches when you turn on the indicator ..suddenly, all cars behind it will stop owing to the electronic communication, in fact the information about sudden stop will reach the car n positions behind much faster and the brakes will be applied for it earlier. avoiding a second type of shockwave. similarly a delay in starting a car is avoided because lets say if n cars are standing still and the first one decides to move (lets say when the signal turns green) all the cars behind it start moving simultaneously because they have the information now.

so its like a temporary railway train.

it is a challenging engineering project but could save lot of fossil fuel and man hours.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

on path of becoming a karma yogi, a man of action, someone who gets things done

With the idea of becoming a man of action as a matter of internal resolution that I have made starting this week...following is the collection of videos , articles , suggestions, inspirations that should keep me on track.

This is the only scene by alec baldwin in the movie and he won the oscar for the movie..important thing to learn: CLOSE

Saturday, July 13, 2013

why is music divine? an idea..

I think we feel the connection to the divine in the moment when we have something inside us, without form and then we happen to create it or see its form in the outside world.
So for example a good art is the one where the artist tries hard to give form to his formless thoughts, beliefs and instincts..and then the audience experience some connection between their insides and the art piece in the real word. which they are unable to create themselves.
sometimes wht may happen is that just the way the outside world is shaped by artists inspired by inner ideas, instincts etc, even the outside world changes the inner ideas. generally happens a lot of people who don't try to give shape to their own instincts and so by exposure to various arts ( which are in turn manifestations of others instincts) leads to them believing that their own instincts are shaped like the art they see...this is the "connection " that people feel with some or the other art forms.
probably why we like to listen to the same song again and again..because with time there is this resonance between the outside art form and the inside instincts, ideas feelings emotions or whatever we want to call them...because now the insides are shaped based on the art form and the art form was initially based on the once they both are in tune we feel the euphoria or divine connection.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grannovator's model and india

Granovators model says about peer effects that the chances of a collective movement depends on the thresholds of different people. so if the thresholds are less and highly distributed,chances of collective movement is more.
So why don't collective changes happen quickly in india...why is it that tipping does not happen fast?
1. huge population? is it a boon or a bane according to the model?
2. high thresholds? or don't we have herd mentality..i think we have low thresholds..
3. good distribution of thresholds..aah i think the problem is here.

in india we have relatively low thresholds but not very low and at the same time we have whole of the population at a level where it cannot hit tipping point...basically a 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 distribution can achieve tipping point but a 0,1,3,3,3,3,3,3 cannot even though it has a lesser threshold on average.
so all india needs is the missing link to unleash the potential tipping point..te missing 2..