Sunday, January 15, 2012

making a new teaching model for schools

This post may just be the most important post i ever write.
I am going to attempt to develop a hybrid model for education in schools in india.
<all the things in this post are evolving with time>

Ken Robinson's TED talks and the one on RSA
Hole in the Wall
You tube for school

The models:

1. Discovery sessions (maths, science)

  • Before a topic is introduced a series of questions are asked by the teacher and answers are sought
  • This session is followed by internet class where students are given 20 minutes to loo
2. Question generation round
  • Everyday students are encouraged to ask questions in the morning. These questions are later answered by the teacher (who uses internet, expertise etc. to find them out)
  • These questions will be filtered and classified according to the subject and a database will be built so that in case of lack of questions one of them can be asked to the students to ponder upon.

3. Show and Tell (for English):

  • Daily two students come forward and show any object or idea or anything (imagination is the limit)
  • they have to talk about it for 2-3 minutes. 
  • Will improve the presentation skills and kill stage fear. Make them more vocal.
  • Improve creativity as they have to come up with good objects to show.

4. Build up (for history):

  • The students are divided into groups (say 5 of 3 each). I would also like to experiment this with 10 individual students but the idea remains the same.
  • Basically each group is given a page with a date on top. This distribution is random. So any group can get any date.
  • This page also contains a one line summary of the previous event.
  • Now the things start with a date that the teacher mentions. The teacher explains an event and sets the ball rolling.
  • The group next to it must pay attention to the event going on and if it matches the description on the top of their paper they are the next group to present the event.
  • After each event is presented, other students are made to think that why a particular step was taken.
  • Also presenting an event will involve reading the page contents and then explaining the event in their own words.
  • Students will pay attention because any event can be the one previous to their's.
  • Also because they are to reason why something happened, they are involved.
  • the suspense will kill them :)
  • they develop skills in understanding the text and presenting it in context of the story. he may also reason then and there.

Testing method should score percentage of target achieved rather than comparing scores across children. Becoming the best version of yourself. Should be the aim of education.

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