Friday, March 19, 2010

About balance

Given time...things evolve, become better, problems solve themselves (or reach a point where they become irrelevant). All this at a holistic view, obviously.
This makes me wonder, isn't it a proof that the final state , is that of balance and stability. Though its proven that entropy is increasing, can't we see it in a way that system is reaching a state of homogenization.

Let me write an example or two: when a container of a gas (say oxygen cylinder) is opened, we see that gas rushes out and spreads everywhere and we say that overall entropy of the universe has increased. But isn't it also a valid perspective , that the ultimate stable state of the universe is complete homogenization, not sharp categorization , but homogenization which the gas is trying to achieve by spreading. If we let all such gases let loose, we will have each and every gas present everywhere. there would be no way to identify one space in the universe from another.

Isn't that the ideal state of a society too? The state of complete equality.

We have a good example of Wikipedia, that can be told here. Wikipedia is complete chaos, anybody can put in anything, anybody can read anything. No categorization whatsoever. Is it really a bad state to be in.

the point that i want to make here is that chaos is egalitarian, complete chaos more so and if increasing chaos is a natural arrow of time, don't worry we are moving towards the ultimate balance .


Ankit Rastogi said...

An awesome and very realistic thought.A good read.

tejesh kinariwala said...

thanks you can see you are the first one to appreciate :)

anyways, i loved your profile description on blogger especially the punch line. "I am just trying to pick up the complete the picture..just trying to find me..!!"