Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is the 5th speech at toastmasters that i am planning to give. Content is completely inspired from Devdutt Patnaik's blog post . The way of telling is mine :)

Though the name suggests Reintroduction, no I am not going to give my Ice breaker again. I am not going to reintroduce myself. But I am going to reintroduce four gentlemen who came to be, hundreds of years ago, and have been living with us ever since. We have stopped recognizing them lately, and even if we remember them, we get all confused with which one is which.

Fellow toastmasters, allow me to call between us these fine gentlemen, aptly named Raja Bhoj, Gangu Teli, Gobarganesh and Shekhchilli . I know for most of us the last three are synonymous with morons. But it was not so when they were born in the folktales of India.

So without further ado, let me reintroduce to you Mr. Shekhchilli. He is a man with dreams and desires. He has the capacity to look into options no one even ventures into. Let me share with you an anecdote from his life. Once his master was happy with him and gave him a pot of milk. As soon as he had the pot, he started thinking how he could make butter from this milk and sell it to buy "more milk then more butter then more milk then more butter than a cow then more milk then more cows ..." and sadly for him the pot in his hand fell.

Seeing this the person who laughs most is Mr. Gangu Teli. He is a realist. He does not believe in dreams. He believes in present , he believes in getting things done. In that he believes in stick, not the carrot. By profession he is a teli (or an oil presser). In his profession he is always on a lookout for efficiency and effectiveness. Because he is a doer, he thinks he moves the world and suffers from overconfidence .

Mr. Gobar Ganesh is the timid and shy person at the back. He looks at everyone and thinks that the other one is too smart and starts imitating him. He has no opinion of his own and believes in the opinion of the one who talked to him last. So he shows signs of dreamers and doers at some point or the other, but does that involuntarily .

Raja Bhoj is the ideal leader. He knows when to be a doer and when to think ahead. He has his own opinion on things. He always aims at achieving balance between the extremes of Shekhchilli and Gangu teli.

Now these four gentlemen are present in every organisation that is successful. From hundreds of years of experience they tell us that to run a group successfully, you need everyone on the team. Even if one is missing and other three work their best, the organisation is bound to collapse.

When shekchilli was out , we saw lack of vision and the recent recession. When Raja Bhoj was out , shekhchillis and gangu teli's fought and bought many sport teams to dust. Many entreprises have not even seen the light of day because though they have good ideas and leadership  but no Gangu Telis or Gobar Ganesh's to make them happen.

All they have come here to say to us today is "None of us is more important than the others. We all are needed and stop calling us morons"

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