Friday, March 28, 2008

create randomness...create a mind which can find patterns in randomness ..create a universe

some exercises to start with.
- if you are with your friends, (4 to 5) just stand up and make some space in the room so that everone has enough space to roam about
. now everybody get out of the door and again enter the room and then randomly arrange yourself (i.e just stand wherever you want in the room). now while you are still standing observe and mark the points you and your friends were standing on on a scaled down map.
what you will realize is
- you have about the same distance between you and you nearest friend as he shares with someone else.i mean your arrangement will be somewhat like this

* *
* * *
it looks very ordered and soothing and asthetic and uniform even symmetric. now let me make a statement here.
human mind cannot create random ,unsymmetric distributions ..everything it creates is a true is it?
one more interpretation of the above phenomenon can be - it is not what created the pattern that is important , it is the observer that plays the crucial role.

for example in the above example most of the people will agree that the pattern is somehow recognizable.but consider

some people leave us here and say that this is not symmetric or noe asthetic rather it is dirty but for some it is gradually increasing ...for some it is gradually decreasing.. for some it doesn't matter as long as it is monotonic..and for those who do not like maths this is a bullet fired from a gun (travelling from right to left) which is slowing down.

consider some other pattern

* * * ********
* * * *
* * * * *

again some may find it ugly , some may find it somewhat like an envelope some like american flag while some like passport,some like statistical graphs etc. and a single person like me cannot exhaust all the possibilities that different human beings can even think of and in fact i may not even be able to appreciate if someone calls it a tabletop in the same way as you are not able to appreciate it when i tell it looks like the american flag to me (or are you?).
so what i mean to say is that everything around us is just random patterns of this universe.
we as humans have stored these in our brains and assigned some feelings to them which bind them to our memory.every time we see a similar pattern we feel the same way and act accordingly. also we tend to learn by analogies so when we encounter a new pattern we see our database of older patterns and keep the new one very close to the older one which resembles most to the new pattern.
i have written the above para in a language which only i will be able to understand ..but it need not be modified because finally only i am going to read this :)
anyways so what i want to infer here is that..
for long we have thought that for any stimulus our body reacts in two ways subconsciously and consciously.. what i feel is that there is only one reaction to the stimulus subconsciousness and consciousness are just two extremes in a scale where consciously means to check for the minute details of the patterns while comparing and subconsciously means comparing very superficially.
like to walk on the road it is not reequired to differentiate beteen all the surrounding things and so even if we don't concentrate on walking we are subconsciously able to walk without differentiating (and hence without learning and hence registering the differences) but if say you want to know the distance from where you now are to your home need to carefully look around for lanmarks or milestones and look deeper into your database of patterns stored in your brain to know what feeling was stored with that particular pattern and hence kknow what you want to know from it.
why i am callin it pattern is because it is something that results after all our senses contribute. you may say te pattern to be picture for the above case because that is the most significant part but if you ear senses were superior to your eyes you would have recognized your neighbourhood only from the sounds .
i understand it is a bad english which i am using...illegible. but i think i have thought about some good ideas here. thats all for now ...will add to it...later!


Paritosh Aggarwal said...

just a general commentary from my side:

create randomness...then you can find patterns in the randomness..does that mean the things weren't random in the first place?
Everything is a collection of points, or rectangles, or whatever you might want to call the smallest entity. As you say, it is upto the interpretation of the observer to see things in the way he does.
For example, take constellations. I have never been able to appreciate constellations, I just see randomness in the sky whenever I try. Part of it is because I have never tried to learn what part of the sky offers what, and I just know the shapes of various constellations. But you know what? You can make anything out of a bunch of dots.....a scorpion, a balance, or what not...what constellations are about is the 'standardised' collections of dots, which have been taught for generations, and to appreciate whom, you have to be told by someone else(hence, shown the pattern in randomness) how to recognize that pattern. Those become our inherent patterns, once we absorb them.
Could we have seen this pattern in the first place? That depends on your mind's compatibility with the compatibility of the mind of the inventor, and your state of mind, your surroundings, etc.
I will stop for now.

tejesh kinariwala said...

hey you seem to enjoy writing too.
just because you seem interested..
i am reading about something which is related to this thing
it falls under cognitive sciences
See them for yourself ...the BONGARD PROBLEMS.hope you will like them