Tuesday, January 29, 2008

o my god what am i writing!

now you will know what random thoughts really mean :)

Lets recreate human civilization….

Lets start with any one idea…say scientific…so man evolved from apes undergoing many steps of evolution and in the course gained many of his abilities and nature.finally just before entering into the humans domain he was an ape.lets study how was his nature by then…he was living for food and food made him live but he was also doing a function for nature .
unknowingly he was taking the living life form to become something that would be called humans..how he did it..he learned somethings in life ..some good ,some bad..good in the sense which made him survive …bad which made him lose on his life…(the things were of course relative i.e. things that were good for some became bad for some)…but nature had only one idea in her mind she had to make the best possible individual at the end of evolution. She did this by a process of elimination…which she managed very simply by limiting the resources.she always maintained
the resources to a level were a few of the living creatures could survive and the others got eliminated.

now lets see how nature worked for her purpose of making the best possible individual.

Lets see it through analogies.
Say what would we do if we are given a task to make a best living creature .lets make it simpler for ourselves ..what if the task is to make a best anything say pen..what we do…

we would try to find the basic structure of the pen by knowing its purpose.pen to write …best living creature to …..i don’t know.may be we are in a stage in the evolution which is below the threshold value..once this is crossed nature will tell us our purpose….or may be we ourselves will have to reach that level.

so first we will give it a structure…say the basic structure is nature…nature is the basic essence of a pen which can never change…(I will add something about compatibility here)
so we have made the nature..it is the basic structure but we have to make the best pen so we need a mechanism so that it can improve,without the pen knowing that we are making a best pen because then it will start inquiring about the purpose which is the last step and should not be rushed through.

also we should have a mechanism by which we can know the progress ..so that once our critical limit is crossed the living being in its present form can be delivered…suppose that in the world of god….he has many customers or clients and he has to supply them with individual creatures which could solve their purpose so god has set critical marks for each clients requirement.he will deliver the product as soon as the evolution reaches this limit…he has many clients.so many that each person who dies is a sign of one customer being delivered his product.

when the critical level is crossed the person suitable for the client among a wide variety is transported out of the system and this is commonly called in the system as being dead…because he loses life..(life being the mechanisms at work.)

okay so after making nature what next
· a mechanism to propagate through the journey of evolution.
· A mechanism by which the current status of the level of the creatures can be known.

here is where we need to be innovative..
this mechanism can be made in this way.first make a mechanism to generate random pens …that all having different sets of properties.now make them pass through a series of tests and find the pen you need and then if there is no job pending with a requirement of a critical value less than what it is at that time, then let the creatures less than that critical value to lie there performing the same tests again and again,till they are able to pass them..and regularly show them to the cheap customers if they like some …and give the higher individuals a different set of tests.

the critical point is the measure of capability of a particular mass of individuals but while implementing this in the mechanism it becomes the amount of resources available for an individual – the amount which he feels is needed for him to survive .this has a curious connection with and so is named happiness inside the mechanism…outside it is known as satisfaction.actually there are many clients waiting for an individual who has a satisfaction level as high that he himself will know that happiness is the other word for satisfaction.he will be the ultimate…there are no clients with the requirement of the satisfaction level higher than this individual.they like to call him _____.

now how to create random individuals ..if one individual gives birth to another individual and also raises him, he will have the same properties as this individual .if one individual gives birth and other raises him ..yes this can be done..or still better one individual giving birth to a person and no one raising it.it just survives its own way with nature helping it to a certain level and then the way it handles the tests and the results he gets makes it a completely diff person than his only parent..(asexual reproduction)
but a better still way is to give them a test in which they have to find other person with exactly the opposite characteristics to them..(this point is imp. Mind it exactly opposite )they simultaneously contribute to the generation of a new life form and this is how random properties of both the individuals get into this new individual and the new individual is such the no individual with the properties exactly same as his has never walked,or crawled ,or hopped on this planet.so he is unique.it is believed that ________ will be born out of parents which will have all the characteristics exactly opposite.each coming generation is better able to cope with the tests than the previous generation because (using probability it can be shown that if we mix two sets of properties we get a set of properties better than both the sets…because it takes better prop. Which are recently evolved.)

how to ensure that the rate of improvement is consistent. for this there is a method -whenever there is a drop in the level of evolution (because though the individuals feel that the way to happiness is the way to satisfaction..it is not always so)…slower speed of betterment…(darkness)..it is a time for avatars to come in ..now avatar is the god peoples image of the ____.they think it would be like …some image and properties they come up with so they send this image to the system..of course it has some characteristics that distinguish it from this system because after all it is not a product of this system…but other than that it is a certain level of satisfaction which reflects as happiness in this system in this avatar which makes him famous and the way he tackles test become famous and so people try to be like him or to achieve satisfaction by his mean. so the purpose of the gods is solved.

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