Saturday, January 26, 2008

freaks and phantoms!

See, wise men have told time and again (yes they have and if you haven't heard it you are in the same soup as i am in) that we should not read two books at a time. the following is what happens if you do so.

I have a white covered book showing a picture of an orange peeled artistically and with one piece taken out and boldly reads FREAKONOMICS! and a dark black book showing the photo of a brain at exactly the same location as the orange and it again in the same font but even bolder reads PHANTOMS IN THE BRAIN ( now seriously am i a freak to read such books!)

Freakonomics is written by an economist Steven Levitt and he is the one who thinks that economics is really not about money at all. Even its father Adam Smith when wrote the first book on economics it was called the theory of human sentiments !

Mr. ramachandran ,a neurologist who has lost all interest in conventional theories of neurology and is an explorer in the real sense of the word, receives and talks about patients who feel pain in the arm which was amputed years ago because he feels he has hit the door with it, or a woman who can't control laughter and dies laughing, or a person who has such a big blind spot that she sees bugs bunny sitting at your side when she is talking to you. And if you are astonished by the patients alone, wait till you read his treatments.

And then there is Mr. Levitt who being an economist asks questions like which is more dangerous -a gun or a swimming pool? or what is common between a school teacher and sumo wrestlers? or even how do parents really matter?

now coming back to my reading them together.
is that why i find both the writers having a similar passion for their profession?
a similar hatred for the conventional thoughts? do you also think so?

please comment and let us take this discussion further.

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