Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A beginners' guide to

Read the article only if you can spend some time (at least twice the time required for reading the article !!) and mind on it. Yes and one more thing - just ignore the exclamation marks for once, i have a knack of putting them!!!

Computer, as we know is a very complicated thing and this is the reason why the people who don't know anything about it panic that they are so ignorant, whereas the ones who know even a little about it are very well respected in the society.

So to start with-
  • The computer consists mainly of two parts the hardware and the software.
  • The hardware consists of complex physical components, each complex within itself (to any microscopic level you go) and each also complex in the way it is linked to others!!!
  • They are so complex that a single person can hardly study every detail of them.
  • Talking of hardware, it is worth knowing that the hardwares improve so fast that when the newer version or the improved version comes, the older version has to go and so it slowly disappears and becomes extinct.
Survival of the fittest i may say!!!
  • A more important part- the operating system (a software) is the guiding force or the one which makes the hardware know what to do... if we put it in a crude form.

Actually the operating system is the medium through which the Operator controls the overall hardware!!!!

  • The Operator gives instruction in a higher base (10) but the hardware ,(because of the way it is constructed and also because it cannot handle the higher base ),gets the information in a lower base (2)!!!
  • Even in operating systems many different ones are available .

They are always competing for survival!!!

  • It is generally the construction of the hardware which decides with which software is it more compatible.
  • One more point of interest here -Without the operating system(s) ,the hardware does not know what it is made for and so it gets involved in functions which are not for it to do..many of the hardwares face this problem, such are called lower hardwares .So the operating system is as important for the hardware as is the Operator.

So far so boring , i agree.
Next Step..

Just change the words from:

  • computer to life
  • hardware to life forms
  • operating system to religion
  • base to dimension

reread the article...

now you know the exclamations!!

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